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 Fasting effect on the heart

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Fasting effect on the heart Empty
PostSubject: Fasting effect on the heart   Fasting effect on the heart I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 16, 2013 4:13 am

Fasting effect on the heart

Showed the results of a study of American scientists that fasting members of Mormons for one day each month helps protect them from disease of the coronary arteries.

D. Benjamin Horne, director of health services, cardiovascular and genetic epidemiology in Salt Lake City, recently announced the results of a study conducted by the research team working with him on the impact of the regular periodic fasting on the health of the heart and blood vessels.

The study confirmed the results presented at a conference the American College of Cardiology, which was held in New Orleans, which reached a similar study conducted in 2008 that the fast positive effect on heart health.

The study included 200 people, 90% of whom are Mormons who impose their beliefs fasting for one day each month.

The results showed that those who were fasting periodically and regularly were less likely to suffer from heart disease by 58%, compared with those who did not fast.

The Mormon members said in the study that fasting was included in addition to food, not to smoke or drink alcohol or coffee, factors known to have a harmful effect on the heart. But they were drinking only water.

D say. Horne said a 2008 study, which aimed to know the effect of fasting on the health of the heart, and conducted by researchers from the University of Utah showed that fasting clear benefit in reducing the dangers on the heart and blood vessels.

The researchers note in their study that the growth hormone levels greatly increased when the participants after the fasting period, and by up to 20-fold in men and 13-fold in women. It is known that the secretion of this hormone increases in cases of hunger, stimulates the burning of fat stored and protect muscle mass in the body.

D explains. Horne said the results of the two studies suggest that fasting adds a great effort on the body, including the response stimulated by the activation of several protection mechanisms, and these mechanisms a long-term impact on the health of the heart and blood vessels.

But Horne, at the same time refers to the need to revise the rights to his doctor before follow any fasting.

In addition to the foregoing Horne refers to what was shown by the results of previous studies that fasting reduces the likelihood of diabetes, Alzheimer's and even prolong life.

And refers here to what shown by the results of a recent study by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania that fasting prolongs the life of the cells in the bodies of mice, says that there are indications that the same effect also applies to human cells, so it is planning the research team working with him to confirm it in the laboratory experiments on human cells
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Fasting effect on the heart
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