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 Memory of the heart between science and the Koran

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Memory of the heart between science and the Koran Empty
PostSubject: Memory of the heart between science and the Koran   Memory of the heart between science and the Koran I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 5:23 pm

Hide the one of us, that the researcher in the Holy Quran to find many of the Scientific Miracles, the reach of modern science for many of the facts concerning the relationship between the eye and Alvaadoualsama,,, and despite the fact that this relationship is reported in detail in the Quran four Ashrqrna It is well known also that the first map was drawn to the human brain was after going down Alqranalkarim more than 1,200 years, and before that was the centers brain unknown to man, to the extent that scientists had believed that the center of sight is in the eye, the Center for Hearing Eugdwi ear, but modern science, the separation between a member Sight and vision center ... and the Centre for Hearing and Edowalsma that is, the separation between the member of sense and status, as revealed to us the science is also about the existence of the Binmrkza hearing and vision in the brain called the statement, and destruction lead to the Asubhalansan dumb .. and Miracles as well as to draw the Holy Quran fourteen centuries ago Sourhmvsalh of the brain ..... In the verses that talk about the eye and ear, always Taatkdmalaan (in all the verses of the Quran) ear, referring to its location in the human head, and there Aaatakhry talk about vision and hearing in expressions refer to the cognition and forethought, and always Atkdmalsama on sight .. It was discovered by modern science centers ahead of the hearing Mrakzalabesar ..... and the thing is noticeable also that the word heart always remember after the hearing, sight and Hmaani the presence of an organic relationship between hearing and sight, and the heart .. Perhaps the question presents itself!! Hilalvaad is the heart? If that were true, the shop is the heart and chest .. but God Almighty said: (not blind, but blind eyes and hearts in the breasts), if the heart is not in the chest!! So you must separate them ... and discrimination as well as ..... Already there are phenomena in the Quran and Alsnatakd different heart touching, most notably heart always said after the hearing and sight in the whole Quran Aaatalqran .. . While we will mention the heart before the hearing and sight as in the verse (the seal of God on their hearts and their hearing and on their eyes) .. has come between hearing and sight as Vicolh Almighty (He concluded his hearing and his heart and make his vision blurred), may come after Asamawalbesr (Say Do you see that taking God and Samakm Ibsarkm and seal on your heart) ...... But Hnakazahrh other show different heart heart .. in Surat stories where he said God Almighty (and became Fuad mother of Moses is empty and she would have betrayed him for the fact that we link to her heart to be Manalmamnin) ... After that the cast is Moses son baby in the sea was in shock , lost her memory .. Alyotherha became Vaadha empty promise that I took before it received in the sea, disabled Valvaad here ... while the heart was the upper hand in this case .... A year The fair, he said the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him): ((the people of Yemen and Allen Ariqgulwba hearts)), here are our noble tenderness attributed to the heart, and soft Alyalvaad .. Even in the Arabic language, we find that the heart of the thing meant ((its core)), the Alvaadwiota of Altfad .. All this confirms the difference for heart heart ... Indicates hearing and Albesraly areas mentality higher in the cerebral cortex, and treats these areas with auditognosis and Albesraatbekfah high, and some of the weak people compare between these regions and between devices Alzkaoualsnaaa which may outweigh the human brain as they store the Msmoat and photoreceptors, but the answer Alyhala be that these devices industry is nothing but a large archive programmed according to plan Almkhalbhari, but enough human brain that of God Almighty, and the rest made a slave to alcohol for the terrifying power ... humans or hear and get excited as heard .. and Atfad including hear .. and this is Faerqy devices artificial intelligence ... Scientists have found deep in the brain areas dealing with Alawatafwalgra├║z and sensations, and therefore we must, God willing, to pause for a second look-hearted turning the brain ... Modern scientific research has been able to identify regions of heart in the brain, there are the so-called sea horse ((because it resembles the sea horse)), and there is a part called the amygdala, and another part of his girdle, and there is mulch ... The scientists can determine the functions Hzhalojza .. ... Valmhad by the sense of pain areas .... there are either girdle pain Mnatqalahsas by the fire ... and sea horse and amygdala linked to memory and destroy lose Alansanakaddrh the formation of new memories, but memories remain of old stored, for example, if Rozkansan infected with a disease in these areas, a child can not remember that the only momentarily and then forget everything around Badzlk .... There Ballowesh also part of a special passion ... The area under the Almhadfbha areas instincts (hunger, thirst, Wu) These parts represent the whole-hearted Otbatallqran the first and second flag its presence in the human brain, to Baiqy heart Omirajawarh in Sdralansan bringing the hearing and sight, and the heart of heart devices, taking into account Onalvaad composed of several parts, regions, and is not the only one .. and is linked to the heart of the brain Pmaestrualgesm the pituitary gland, and thus generate sensations of different areas Almokhtlfahllvaad before you go to the crust characterized by the brain, but the sense of pain begins in Mntqhalmhad, and is characterized by different forms in the crust, if we removed the crust remains Balolmentejh sense the presence of the hypothalamus ... : The Qur'an referred to different regions of the Fouad has Qalallah Almighty ((So make the hearts of people come down to them)) This verse refers to Mntqhalawataf in the heart, can not be that people will visit this valley free Alzerawalme but it represents their passion is, and said, Almighty ((and also we made for every Prophet Tashiyatin mankind and the jinn, inspiring one another with adorned speech as a delusion)) that the Almighty said ((and listen to him the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter)) .. have interpreted the scientists decorated Alcolelam corrupt, which raises the spirits of different, ie, that the verse Balvaad linking instincts ... As in the verse (and the mother of Moses became Fuad blank) verse refers to the memory .. And Vicolh (Mhtaan masked their heads do not bounce them dispatched by air and hearts) Kelmhhoa scientists interpreted as meaning free hearts of the mind, the severity of the fear and horror as lost Akrthm Faihalh mother of Moses ... As well as the verse (lighted by the fire of God looked on the hearts) Qalamufsron that the fire of God to reach the hearts as they are thinner in the flesh as it Alahsaspalolm place, and this clear reference to the sense of pain that the venue is the heart ... From the above Atdhon Qur'an pointed to areas touching the various functions in the human brain .. and Almlahzatkzlk the hearing in the Quran come on people .. The sight and the heart of Faotian on Aljmada├║ma, which confirms that the heart is composed of several regions and not the one .. The Alvaadimthel heart brain and this was mentioned in the Koran comes after the said hearing and sight always .. But Anmntqh girdle are not affected, but the pain of the fire .. while some pointed out that the skin Homrkz pain, martyred by saying (more mature skin Bdlnahm leather Gerhalivoqgua torment) and this of course is a big mistake because the verse indicates that the skin is the center of Alahsaspalolm, skin is just a tool for the transfer of pain is quite aware of pain in the heart and guide the Onallah Almighty said (We shall change them other skins) did not say leather like .. just because the skin either Adahvqt Center Vmkana-hearted sense of pain.
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Memory of the heart between science and the Koran
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