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 Why the heart rate from person to person

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Why the heart rate from person to person Empty
PostSubject: Why the heart rate from person to person   Why the heart rate from person to person I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 5:21 pm

There is a complex timing system lies behind the regular contractions of the heart muscle resulting in the emergence of the pulse. The main reason for this accuracy is the heart to pump blood regularly, because the heart will not be able to deliver enough blood to the tissues of the body if the blood pumping in a random or intermittent.

And the rate of pumping blood to the heart, which is expressed in pulses or heart's natural for a person at rest range between sixty and a hundred beats per minute, and I mean that most people's heart rate ranges have within this range. The minor changes outside the normal range do not necessarily mean there is a problem.

The doctors say that the normal heart rate at rest ranges between fifty and ninety beats per minute, while during running or climbing stairs, or the effort, the heart rate increases with increased activity and the pump larger quantities of blood to feed the muscles of the body. In addition to physical exertion, other factors can increase heart rate, such as mental stress and psychological pressure, fear, smoking, caffeine, alcohol and some drugs for the treatment of other diseases or risk of certain diseases that cause a heart beat. On the other hand, decreases heart rate during sleep to between thirty and fifty beats per minute, the person's sense, or in dealing with some types of medical drugs or in the presence of some organic diseases. And the less heart rate with age and this decrease is significantly during the effort, the normal daily, but the maximum heart rate during physical exertion at least more advanced in age, for example, the maximum heart rate at the age of 25 years about 200 beats per minute, and when it reaches Rights to the age of 65 years up to a maximum rate to 155 beats per minute for just the right person. The minimum heart rate for athletes from other a good result shows on the fitness of good, The heart of man sports beats often slower than normal speed because the physical training can be the heart of the contraction more strongly and pump more blood with each beat, and therefore needs no heart Because blood is pumped more quickly in order to maintain the normal flow of blood, so you can provide their hearts need their bodies of blood pulse of less
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Why the heart rate from person to person
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