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 Interpretation Wall Isra verse 36 - 46 cave v14

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Interpretation Wall Isra verse 36 - 46 cave v14 Empty
PostSubject: Interpretation Wall Isra verse 36 - 46 cave v14   Interpretation Wall Isra verse 36 - 46 cave v14 I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2013 9:41 pm

Isra verse 36 came in the interpretation Almighty Alcrdobycolh: "Do not stand," which does not keep track of what you do not know does not interest you. Says: "The hearing and sight and heart of each of those it was responsible" which asks each and every one of them what is gained, A Valvaad asking what its Avckr and thought, hearing and sight of what he saw and heard. It was: the meaning that God asks human what Hawwah his watch and his heart; counterpart saying peace be upon him: (you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock) Man is the shepherd of his faculties; if he said all this was human was responsible, it is a lie of his faculties, and those very shame; also said: "Today We seal up their mouths, and hands speak out and feet bear witness to what they used to earn" YS: 60], and saying, "saw them ears and eyes and their skins were working" [separated: 20]. He expressed the hearing and sight and heart to those she senses her perception, and make it in this verse is responsible, it is conceivable condition.

Isra verse 46 came in the interpretation Almighty Alcrdobycolh: "We made it on their hearts but fables of the" "I have" Kinan collection, which is concealing something. The progress in the "cattle". "The ancients" lest the ancients, or hatred of the ancients, to understand what the do's and don'ts, governance and meanings.

Cave v14
The interpretation Almighty Alcrdobycolh: "We were tied to their hearts" is the intensity of the determination and strength of patience, God gave them until they said in the hands of the infidels: "Lord Lord of the heavens and the earth will not call without God we have said If ". As the panic and self-similar proportion Creek Hassan decay in intensity breath and power of design that resembles connectivity; and it is said: So unperturbed, if it does not differentiate itself when fear and war and others. And binding him to the heart of the mother of Moses. And says: "It connects to your hearts and proves foot" [Anfal: 11]

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Interpretation Wall Isra verse 36 - 46 cave v14
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