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 Nuts cure for heart

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PostSubject: Nuts cure for heart   Nuts cure for heart I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 31, 2013 6:27 pm

Nuts .. Cheap treatment for heart disease and diabetes
Frequently demand for nuts of all kinds, especially in the holy month of Ramadan, as it contains important elements needed by the body during fasting.

The nuts are added to the list of plants and herbs that modern science proved to be useful in the treatment of many serious diseases such as the heart, cancer and others.
And discovered the latest studies carried out in this regard that eating almonds, pistachios and Brazil, cashews, pine nuts and love five or more times a week reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
The analyzes showed conducted on some of the volunteers, who ate the largest amount of pistachios a week have a decreased rate of coronary heart disease by 35%, so researchers are advised to take up about fifty grams of grain per day.
The U.S. researcher said Janet King, who led the research team that a high percentage of Americans are getting 25% of their calories through snacks during the day.
And called to avoid eating foods rich in carbohydrates and fat, sugar and replaced by natural ones such as nuts, because they contain fiber and help to maintain a healthy heart.
In the same vein, another study confirmed that eating nuts protects against cardiovascular disease, but the condition of mixed fatty substances which can affect the heart and arteries.
He considered the research that nuts have the ability to lower cholesterol and which contains a high proportion of fiber, but warned that excessive addressed could be the result negative because they contain a high percentage of calories, stressing that the use in food moderately can reduce the rate injury cholesterol and heart disease.
Through research performed on the nuts, turned out to be useful in the treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels and reduce the level of bad cholesterol "LDL".

Integrated prescription
And about the benefits of nuts in the treatment of diseases, research has proven that the unsaturated fat found in abundance in nuts and olive protect the heart from disease, she turns to a liquid by body temperature, and make membrane liver softer allowing cholesterol to move easily to the liver and out of the body , unlike saturated fats such as those found in beef and butter that cause obesity.
The study also indicated that eating almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts in small quantities and regularly protected from heart disease, and is the specter of disease Parkinson's, and reduces nuts the risk of women with diabetes and reduce blood cholesterol and protect against colon cancer.

Has been proven that eating nuts regularly reduces the risk of sudden death resulting from crises and heart disease, because they contain a high concentration of acid "alpha linoleic" which helps in the pacemaker.
In the same regard, confirmed Dr. Amira Abdel-Hamid Fouad Fruit Research Department at the National Center for Research that eating nuts reduces women's risk of diabetes and lowers cholesterol in the blood, and protects against colon cancer.
She added that it has been proven that eating nuts regularly reduces the risk of sudden death resulting from crises and heart disease, because they contain a high concentration of alpha-linoleic acid, which helps regulate heartbeat.
On the other hand, according to nutrition experts that nuts have many benefits it strengthens eyesight and help reduce appetite ie they reduce weight.
The experts pointed out that nuts contain acids "omega-3", and peanuts helps reduce appetite and keeping fit, and almonds are rich in vitamin "E".
Experts advise people need to choose non-saline species of nuts and to take account of public health, pointing out that many nuts contain calories, as the ounce contains 180 calories, so should be moderation in eating
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Nuts cure for heart
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