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 To extend the life of the heart and maintaining

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To extend the life of the heart and maintaining Empty
PostSubject: To extend the life of the heart and maintaining   To extend the life of the heart and maintaining I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 5:19 pm

Dependent organ transplants, mainly on the speed of the transfer member from the donor to the person in need of organ transplants, because the members do not stand up and be vibrant, but inside the body, has been the development of new technology to keep the heart after it is donated warm pulsing blood and oxygen.
Since the first surgery, heart transplant successful in 1960, was carrying members in a bowl full of ice after it is taken from the body of the donor, then keep doctors and nurses to the patient in a race against time, the heart live for up to 8 hours before they begin to deteriorate, and the loss of the heart offset loss of life of people in desperate need.
According to a specialist heart I still can not believe even today, it is great to be able to see the human heart beats by the machine and after a few hours you see a beating in the patient's body, bartering away the clipboard or a pack of cardiac gating has become the transfer process easier unrestricted time or place, to enjoy other heart patients the opportunity to practice a normal life like everyone else, and in the long term, thanks to this technique there is speculation that he will be able to determine the date of the surgeons in advance of agriculture.
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To extend the life of the heart and maintaining
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