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 Myocardial infarction or acute heart attack

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PostSubject: Myocardial infarction or acute heart attack   Myocardial infarction or acute heart attack I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 5:18 pm

Myocardial infarction or acute heart attack, is one of the diseases, acute and urgent that the time factor plays a big role, and time to identify the symptoms and signs and go to the emergency department at the nearest hospital more quickly.

Half the number of individuals who develop acute stroke, heart attack die before they reach the hospital, while we find that many of the survivors suffer permanent damage and damage to the heart muscle during the first hour of the beginning of the clot.

The first hour of the onset of symptoms, Time-critical?

Strokes are caused by blockage of holistic one of the arteries of the heart, called Baltajia or coronal, depends blood flow and oxygen occurs entrapment of the total in the ischemic heart muscle, causing it harm and damage and death (clot) that region, which stops the bleeding, and is due to be Takthreysd artery narrowed due to the accumulation of cholesterol and other fatty substances on the inner wall of the artery hardening.

Start heart muscle cells Battb and death, the ballet continues usually 4 to 6 hours, after which death of the muscle, feels they are a person with severe pain, compressor and the clutch is usually in the chest front, every minute that passes, damaged and rot new cells of the heart muscle die because they stop perfusion of blood and oxygen it, the affected area will depend on the movement, leading to weakness in muscle function especially systolic heart of it.

The importance of not wasting time

Many people come in late to the hospital, due to either lack of knowledge and awareness of the symptoms of heart attack or to ignore them and indifference, or to attribute these symptoms to UPSET intestinal or gas pressure on the chest and often deals with hot and cold drinks in an attempt to convince himself that The problem is only the stomach and not otherwise, and all that and call a doctor and wait until the present, and examine and diagnose, wasting time and go through the minutes and hours, without giving him proper treatment, he needs quickly and are usually in the hospital, every minute delay in which the injured person to get to the hospital, increase the number of cells in which the heart muscle is affected and they rot and die because of the continuing blockage of the artery and stop with the total and complete ischemia, heart muscle with blood and oxygen from it.

The best ways to arrest and prevent damage to this region of the heart muscle, is treatment with drugs Mmaat coagulation and thrombosis, most notably the global short medication (v A B) and Asereptukinas, and who play the decomposition of coagulation and Pettmaaah, in an attempt to open the artery and restore the functioning of blood to the heart muscle and rehabilitation, and for this reason what speed was given medication liquids faster whenever you save the heart muscle cells from damage and death more.

There is a study of stroke, heart attack patients were given medication liquids during 70 minutes of the beginning of the stroke, that 75% of them did not happen to have Dharroatb or that it happened is simple.

There are therapeutic method of saving the heart muscle with it being only in certain centers and specialized for the heart to be ready to receive patients for 24 hours straight, that is bridging the coronary artery blocked balloon and planting a network, however, prefer to bring the injured to the center in less than two hours of the onset of symptoms , so there is a saving of more muscle cells.

Other benefits that are derived from access earlier and faster to the hospital during the first few minutes, is that heart attacks can cause disruption of the heart where it becomes quick and irregular, known as atrial ventricular, can result in death if not treated quickly and that is usually by electric shock, because it dramatically reduces the perfusion of vital organs in the body and the brain and the most important of which is largely affected by the lack of blood and oxygen.

Symptoms of heart attack

Many of the deaths resulting from the clot or heart attack could have been avoided if we Tdarkina symptoms Almenbih them and reach a hospital quickly, embolism occurs the pain is often in the chest area for more than 15 minutes, can often occur silently and without pain, especially diabetes and high age, or that the symptoms are dizziness, feeling dizzy head, or shortness of breath.

Often show signs predictors hours or days or even weeks before the stroke occurred, where Tzarbashkl pain in the chest area during the effort such as walking, for example, especially if up, and shut the pain and stop once you stop the effort, this case known as angina unstable, or that shows there is fatigue or burn chest or even a sense of simple discomfort in the chest, at the time of sleep that is, without effort, for a period of 5 to 10 minutes only, so silent then and Ottoagaf and thinking person and Albergm that these symptoms may appear and disappear again, it's just simple viewer and ended once you stop this feeling of spam, while in fact it is a warning that something is not the most acute heart attack.

American Association for the treatment of diseases of the heart pointed to symptoms of the stroke and heart attack Menbiat, and seriously to take them as they arise, although it can show some of these symptoms is not necessary to show all together, or that appear and disappear, namely:

• Pain or discomfort in the chest area, in the weight or pressure or burning in the center, can be simple and light, but usually always severe, may last for several minutes and usually more than half-hour
• Pain or discomfort in the upper part of the body, in one or both upper limbs (arms), shoulders, especially the left of them, the throat, back, jaw, and sometimes the stomach, which may be thinking that some of the reason is one of the diseases of the stomach and especially as it is accompanied by nausea or even a review and removing.
• Shortness of breath, which may occur with or before chest pain.
• feeling Bohn and severe weakness, dizziness, sweating with cold, nausea and removing.

Persons at risk of stroke, heart attack more than others

In the midst of the state of anxiety and tension that may plague the patient and those with him at that moment, it is best to take the crucial decision, because the time in this case more expensive than gold, especially if the victim has risk factors, making it more likely than others to heart disease, arteries, and they are:

• a man after the age of 40 years, or a woman after the age of 50 years, especially after the cessation of the menstrual cycle has
• Smoker
• has risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and fats in the blood
• or that he had suffered a heart attack or have undergone the process of healing and graft (transplant support network STENT) or underwent surgery for manufacturing coronary arteries (BYPASS) in the past
• has a family history of disease coronary arteries, Kasabh father, brother, aged younger than 55 years, or injury to the mother or sister age 65 or younger
• Individuals who are overweight and obesity
• Individuals who are not practicing the work of exercise, inactivity and lack of movement

These individuals when feeling pain or burning in the chest or shortness of breath, and sometimes may appear indigestion and gas, or even UPSET intestinal, just the slightest suspicion probability of heart attack, it is best to request medical assistance, go to the hospital, and the work of ECG electrodes ( ECG) and make sure that these symptoms are not symptoms of acute heart attacks, it should be, and thus have consequences and complications could have been avoided.
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Myocardial infarction or acute heart attack
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