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 Benefits of verses 57,74,88 from Younis

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PostSubject: Benefits of verses 57,74,88 from Younis   Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:52 pm

Benefits verses:
1 - praise thanks to the Koran and grandeur, with their sermons and guidance, compassion and healing.
2 - the legality of prayer doom for the people of injustice.
3 - Frequent money and ornamental species, indulging in that distraction causes delusion to its owner.
4 - who have reached the end of the evil and corruption seal was set on their hearts do not die only to disbelief فيخسرون.
5 - insured farewell is a partner in supplication hear and be guided people in the mosque believe the prayer Imam in the sermon and you get the answer for all, and here goofing who roam or visiting as claiming prayer errant not believe.
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Benefits of verses 57,74,88 from Younis
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