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 57,74,88 interpret verses from Sura Yunus

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57,74,88  interpret verses from Sura Yunus Empty
PostSubject: 57,74,88 interpret verses from Sura Yunus   57,74,88  interpret verses from Sura Yunus I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2012 1:48 pm

He says (O people may جاءتكم admonition from your Lord and a healing for what is in the breasts and guidance and mercy for the believers) verse (57)

Club God Arabs, Persians either, saying: O people may جاءتكم admonition from your Lord and a healing for what is in the breasts, a guidance and a mercy for believers} Each of advice that are commands and prohibitions style carrot and the stick, healing, guidance and mercy may حواها Quran like said O people and you, the ignorant and the reprobate The patient shirk and disbelief and straying from the right, and tormented his body and himself had come to the Koran carries all that you believe the and Ataboa light and Treat-borne and guided his light healed are Tkmiloa reason and ethics, spirit and تسعدوا both Alehiatin.

The interpretation of the verse "and healing for what is in the breasts" any doubt, hypocrisy and differences, and discord. "Huda" any rational for those who followed. "Mercy" of any grace. "Believers" _khashm because they are the beneficiaries of faith; All recipes Koran, and affection to confirm praise.

He says (and then sent after him messengers to their people they brought them Clear evidence, they would not believe what lied before as well as normalize the hearts of the transgressors) verse (74)

Said here years from Sunan's creation which he sent after Noah messengers many to their nations they brought them Clear evidence of any arguments and evidence on the sincerity and truth of what brought him and called him by the Oneness of God, what were those tribes to believe what a lie by their predecessors from Noah. He says: well We seal the hearts aggressors} This statement of Allah Almighty in humans is that slave if guilty and continued guilt without repentance becomes guilt, of course, printing can not abandon him, and guilt only assault on the borders of the street it is attacked and assaulted continued assault happened his printing and seal heart becomes not accept the faith and do not know does not deny the evil known.
The interpretation of the verse, "as well as normalize" any finishes. "The hearts of the aggressors" any Majaosen reduction in disbelief and denial do not believe.

He says (and Moses said God you came Pharaoh and filled Accessories and money in the life of our Lord to deceive Sbelk Lord Atms their money and stress on their hearts do not believe until they see the painful doom) verse (88)

After committees Pharaoh in stubbornness and arrogance after losing asked Moses Rabbo said Our Lord you came Pharaoh and filled} any given them {Accessories} ie heap yet of clothing, mattresses, furniture and types of jewelry and Blazers and saying {and money} any gold, silver and cattle and plowing {in life} any in this life and saying: Lord of deceive for Sbelk} any that causes them astray if {Lord Atms their money} any go impact surveyed and making them unfit for use by, {and stress on their hearts} any Print on their hearts and Astothag them not believe until they see painful doom wrenching most Alaijaa.
The interpretation of the verse, "and stress on their hearts," Ibn Abbas said: stop them faith. It was: Ksha Print even not Tnscherh faith; meaning one.
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57,74,88 interpret verses from Sura Yunus
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