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 Stress and nutritional balance

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PostSubject: Stress and nutritional balance   Stress and nutritional balance I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2012 1:02 am

Said William Harvey discovered the circulation: "Any effect occurs within the human expressed Baloja or joy or fear or pain, and almost all of these issues lie behind the so-called angina pectoris which undoubtedly affect the heart muscle." Solomon said: "The heart of joy excited him do Panacea, The Spirit defeated Vft bones." What this article tells us about heart joy and spirit defeated and their relationship angina?

The stress and diet are the most important causes of heart disease clogged arteries. Heart muscle of oxygen and the main fuel just like oil for vehicles.

Because the heart beats continuously he needs for a permanent supply of fuel (oxygen) and including the oxygen carried by the blood stream, the heart needs a continuous supply of blood pumped by the same through blood vessels called coronary arteries.

Mechanism of blockage of the coronary arteries?

Do not reach sufficient amount of blood to the heart to normal functioning, it becomes starved of oxygen carried by the blood to him. The interruption of oxygen from the heart to the relatively short period of time because of the so-called rib diphtheria and here almost heart cry Alma as envisioned poets.

This is usually described by the patient discomfort, heaviness, pressure, feeling that the world prevail, frustration, shock, and a sense that something is squeezing in the chest. Sense of unease also happens when you take exercise, or a sense of psychological pressure can be cured comfortable and relaxed.

But if cut off the blood supply for areas of the heart for more than several minutes, the result would be the death of this region of the heart that are not up to the blood, and this is called a heart attack. In cases of a small part of the heart only, this becomes part Dead enduring impact only and can live the owner, but if the area is large or died a major area in the heart, for example, the result is a more serious, such as the death of the patient.

Cause of low blood flow to the heart?

Until recently, most doctors get to know diverticulitis heart arteries through desks anatomy only, where it can then dissect blood vessels and examine blockages, and because these people have died, the note be trapped changes structural only in their arteries coronary, but changes the successive rate of blood flow that occur in a healthy heart can not be seen and studied. For this and for fifty years ago, I think most scientists that the low rate of blood flow in the heart was the result of a mechanism one: coronary artery impasse, the cholesterol and other influences in the blood, they were found in the inner walls of the coronary artery, also deposited rust on the walls of water pipes from the inside and these deposits called "plate" PLAQUE. With the passage of time can be more of these sediments and thus the course of coronary artery becomes narrow until it reaches the degree of blood vessels can not him carry sufficient amount of blood to the requirements of the work of the heart.

In the past decade, with the discovery and development of diagnostic tools that facilitated the process of examining a healthy heart in the human organism. Has now been found that there are factors other than permanent blockages can reduce the degree of blood flow to the heart. Recently been reached in a scientific thoughtful to the most important of these factors are as follows:

1 - coronary artery constriction.

2 - platelet aggregation.

It is possible to meet with those two other factors help to the occurrence of disease. Through numerous research shows that stress, diet based on animal products, can cause blockages and shortness of permanent coronary artery, in addition to shrinking gathered in platelets. All these factors cause coronary heart disease.

These preceding factors affect on each other. It is a mistake to look for coronary artery disease as the cause of a single factor but rather is the result of overlap of the above factors together.

Shrinking or coronary artery stenosis

Coronary artery like the rest of the arteries in the body, not the pipe and there on the walls small muscles capable of contraction and filling the bloodstream within it, and the greater the size of the blockage in the artery, the dam blood flow in the artery is easier because of a slight contraction in the muscles of internal artery. The coronary artery spasms can lead to rupture and explosion in fixed blockages which makes blood being quickly through the blockages and seek energizes and extensibility to close coronary artery.

Platelet clumping

The platelets are the first elements of the body's defense against bleeding, as it is that makes blood clot when needed, and when hurt the body, the platelets clump inside blood vessels that bleed, helping blood to clot, and thus stop the bleeding, and this also may occur within the artery The shrinking coronary These plates have a negative impact on the flow of blood to the heart.

The discovery of these factors, a few years ago had much impact on the process of understanding cardiovascular diseases. Fifty years ago this disease was granted, there is no hope of recovery and now seen as any possible disease relapse and improved.

The changes in the contractions of coronary artery and platelets can control up or low blood flow to the heart very quickly up to seconds sometimes, and this is what makes us clearly understand the background chest pain or heart attacks that occur always at night or dawn, during the hours feeling pressure psychological at the height of the information gathered or after a heavy meal of fat.

Clogged heart arteries

Of causes as we mentioned earlier stress and diet is balanced, as they increase the voltage actually on the blood vessels of the heart patients who suffer from a blockage in the arteries, and this is possible to happen during a very short time, that modern scientific research assures us that the rapid changes successive may be because of the low degree of coronary artery spasms and platelets.

Recap what we already identifying the causes of low blood flow to the heart: cholesterol deposits, coronary artery spasms, gathering and spasm of blood platelets, which can affect all of them alone on the occurrence of the disease process, or they work together.

Let's start with the first test the effect of psychological pressure to decrease the proportion of blood that reaches the heart of, among other factors.

For millions of years our bodies were almost facing stress in ways that help us to survive.

The stress process can be likened to the process of hit-and-run, says Dr. Walter December physiological professor at Harvard University Medical at the beginning of the century that the hit-and-run is only a changes فيسيولوجية occur in the body, Thaina to respond to embarrassing situations or hazardous. This group includes the increase in the number of changes heartbeat, high blood pressure, increased respiratory rate, increased muscle tension, and an increase in overall metabolism. It can also cause an increase in coronary artery spasms and cramps platelets.

Some of these changes have a value of life, eg when ancestors were exposed to prosecutions of tigers, for example, or when they are ready to battle, it has been useful to them too that shrinks arteries hands and feet, and Ti_nj Cefaúham blood and clump together. If someone injured, spasms of the arteries and platelet aggregation will help stop the bleeding by clotting, muscle and increase pressure will help increase the protection of the whole body during the fight. And it was helpful for the heart to beat rapidly, and that speeds up the metabolism, because the body needs more oxygen in such situations. Of course not all previous changes the value of life (affect the value of our lives), and it is very difficult to determine the pros coronary artery contraction during times of stress.

Pressure of the twentieth century

In our own time going through our bodies, including the above changes when we are faced with a threat physically with that pressure in the twentieth century are usually psychological rather than physical, we do not really exposed to physical risk always.

Unfortunately, that the human body is affected in the same way in cases of psychological pressure and physical pressure, now after he went tiger we are exposed to another type of pressure, such as anger from the Director, wait endings, see the future, fear of it, concerns for health and for parents and children. That our bodies respond to all of the above in the same way that responded where we were attacked by a tiger scary, or when we are about to enter the fighting arena, where we are exposed to high pressure muscular, blood pressure, coronary artery spasms, pools of blood platelets, and so on.

The escape from the risk or face the battles, all the work physically have prepared her by the hit and run, that our ancestors were responding all these positions either fight, or escape, but in the modern world either share our competitor hurt of any particular type or have to run it in a way What. We do not act so usually with our bodies so equipped, thanks to the social and ethical controls that we have become accustomed.

The pressures faced by our ancestors might be characterized as the density and stress but not frequent and persistent. The pursuit of a tiger is a most difficult position to compete in the field of work but it is not happening frequently. Are also in the battles and wars after the end and everything will return to what it was.

But now it appears there will not be the end of the battle, or that every battle will be replaced by the one that followed, and the result is that the hit-and-run factors are in full swing. Since we usually do not face things through the use of physical violence, but always remain our bodies in a state of readiness to do so.

Because of these factors in a constant state of activity, then it is harmful especially for vascular tissue, rather than help us to overcome the crisis can be dangerous to cut and run that carried out by reducing coronary artery and collect platelets.

These factors serve a useful and necessary activity, but becomes harmful because it works incorrectly, in which case the body is structured, but simply the reality under his
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Stress and nutritional balance
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