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 Study: work pressures increase heart risks

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Study: work pressures increase heart risks Empty
PostSubject: Study: work pressures increase heart risks   Study: work pressures increase heart risks I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 17, 2012 11:34 pm

Study: work pressures increase heart risks

The pressures of work harmful to heart

British researchers have warned that a job with huge requirements, with the inability to complete control, may lead to fatal results.
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The researchers analyzed 13 European study covering about 200 thousand people, and found that work-related stress, or so-called "job strain" has to do with an increase of 23 percent in the risk of heart attacks, and deaths from coronary heart disease.

The report, which was published in the Lancet medical journal that these cardiovascular risk was much lower than the risk caused by smoking or lack of exercise.

The British Heart Foundation said that the way in which shall be issued by the reaction of the people towards the pressure of work is the basis for the prevention of these risks.

And job strain is a type of pressure, says the research team from the University College London, said the work in any profession may lead to tension, but it was more prevalent among skilled workers at least.

Doctors who have a lot of decision-making positions in their jobs will be less likely to suffer from stress than someone who works on the production line in a factory-intensive.

There was contradictory evidence on the impact of job strain on the heart.

In this study, the researchers analyzed data from 13 studies again, at the beginning of each of these studies was not asked people whether they had workload excessive, or insufficient time to complete their work, in addition to questions about how much freedom that was available to them to make decisions .

And then were divided into two groups, a group of people who suffer from stress and functional, and a group do not suffer from this tension, and were followed for up to seven and a half years on average.

He said one of the members of the research team, which Mica Kevmaki of University College London: "The results suggest that we have reached that job strain linked Ziyad small but continuous risk of first coronary heart disease, such as heart attack."

The researchers said that the elimination of job strain would prevent 3.4 percent of those cases, while there will be reduced by 36 percent if you stop smoking.
"Unable to Change"

The Kevmaki said evidence of a direct effect of tension career on the heart was mixed evidence, and said in his speech told the BBC that job strain is linked to other choices related to lifestyle and that has bad effects on the heart.

He added: "We know that smokers who suffer from job strain have a greater probability in the trend to increasing smoking a little, but people who are activists of tension career become more vulnerable because they are dormant, and there is a relationship is also linked to obesity."

He continued: "If a person has been subjected to excessive pressure at work, he can reduce the risk by maintaining a healthy life style."

Said Professor Peter Weissberg, medical director of the British Heart Foundation, said: "We know that a person is under pressure at work, and the inability to change the situation, may increase the risk of heart disease."

He added: "This large study confirms this, but also show that the negative impact of stress in the work environment is much less, for example, the damage caused by smoking or lack of exercise."

Weisberg believes that despite the fact that such pressure to work may not be avoided, but the way to deal with them is very important, and light a cigarette in the meantime will not benefit, but would negatively affect the heart.

Weisberg advised eating a balanced diet and regular exercise and smoking cessation in order to face any risks related to labor tensions.

Bo said Natterestorm from Basberg Hospital in Denmark that other types of work pressures such as job insecurity "is likely to be of great importance in this regard."

He said that job strain is "a measure of only one side of the harmful aspects of the work environment of social psychological point of view
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Study: work pressures increase heart risks
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