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 A heart in the right side of the body is not distorted moral

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PostSubject: A heart in the right side of the body is not distorted moral   Thu Jun 21, 2012 9:31 pm

A heart in the right side of the body is not distorted moral

ASHA - A specialist heart disease in a hospital-Bashir government of Jordan, Dr. Fakhry Okour that the presence of heart on the right side of the human body is not distorted moral, and heart in this case is functioning normally, and does not constitute any problem of medical, and can the owner to exercise his life natural and work in various businesses and professions in addition to the exercise of all kinds.

He advised Okour who have a heart contrary to nature not to fear, saying that it is perfectly normal, asking them not to listen only to talk the doctors, do not resort to institutions and charities to help them get treatment or perform operations to address what they believe that birth defects in the heart can cause complications serious.

He said when there is heart in the right is often the rest of the body flipped completely and be in normal condition and in harmony with the body, although the presence of heart on the right is from the rare cases in the world and that of up-to-one between each one hundred thousand people in the world.

He explained that the composition of physiological complexity of the human body sometimes leads to such cases, exotic and special, some of them caused by the views of medical scientists and biologists from mutations and genetic or some deficiency in the performance of the genes of certain genetic, or congenital malformations of the fetus during pregnancy by the mother of violence, for example .. He pointed to the existence of other cases, modern science has not reached a scientific explanation to it yet.

The Jordan is one of the leading countries and developed in the arteries and heart surgery, is also an important station in the medical tourism in the region

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A heart in the right side of the body is not distorted moral
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