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 The story of the pen and eraser

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PostSubject: The story of the pen and eraser   Thu Jun 21, 2012 5:28 pm

The story of the pen and eraser

Was inside the palette, eraser, small, beautiful, and pencil eraser .. He said: How are you my friend?.
Pen nervously answered: I am not your friend! Eraser I was surprised and said: Why? .. Individual pen: Because I hate you.
She erased sadly did not hate me?. I do pen: you Tmahan what I write. Eraser replied: I do not only erase mistakes.
Disturbed by the pen and said to her: What is your business are you?!. She replied gently: I am an eraser, and this is my work. Individual pen: This is not an act!.
Eraser turned and said to him: My work useful, such as your business. However, the pen grew alarmed and said to her: You are wrong and Mgrorh.

Vandest erased and said: Why?!. I do pen: Because of who writes the best wipe out
She erased: Remove error equivalent to writing the right thing. Knocking the pen for a moment, then lifted his head and said, ratified, my dear!
I erased and said to him: Do you still hate me?. I do pen has felt remorse: I will not erase the hate from my mistakes.
Eraser replied: I will not erase what was right. Pen said: But I see you Tsgran day after day!.
Eraser replied: Because I sacrifice something of my body whenever Mahout error. Pen Mahzona said: I feel that I is shorter than you!
She erased console him: We can not benefit others, unless we sacrifice for them. Happy with the pen said: What exalt my friend,
And how beautiful your words!. I erased, and the joy of the pen, and lived close friends, and differ in hand ..
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The story of the pen and eraser
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