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 States in the heart benefits of Surat Al-Maida (41-52-113)

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PostSubject: States in the heart benefits of Surat Al-Maida (41-52-113)   Sat Apr 14, 2012 8:32 pm

1 - mustahabb leave sadness causes and avoiding Mthirath.
2 - the sanctity of lying to hear is a need to do so.
3 - the sanctity of distortion of the distorted speech and corrupting.
4 - loyalty to the infidel believer is apostasy from Islam.
5 - pro unbelievers due to weakness of faith has left its negative lead to infidelity.
6 - in the words of Jesus to them fear Allah} {D they said wrong as saying that and we know that {had} D. Sedktna the doubts and skeptical.
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States in the heart benefits of Surat Al-Maida (41-52-113)
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