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 Exciting adventure games and their effect on the heart

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Exciting adventure games and their effect on the heart Empty
PostSubject: Exciting adventure games and their effect on the heart   Exciting adventure games and their effect on the heart I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 13, 2012 9:06 pm

Exciting adventure games and their effect on the heart

Rapid movement of not more than the risk to healthy hearts

Cambridge (Massachusetts U.S.): «Middle East» *
Summer increase in visits to the gardens exciting games, especially those riding the visitors, with hearts is weak, the roller coaster track fast-moving emerging calamity. Has already appeared that this ride is not good for the heart patient as well.
The monitoring of researchers at the University Hospital in Mannheim in Germany, the number of heart rate for 55 of those young people (average age 28 years), before, during, and after riding «Akebedhn G-Force» Expedition GeForce, a railroad viperine quick movement in the city Hasluch German.

Before riding the rail roller, the average heart rate for participants in the study 91 beats per minute, a number slightly higher than the number of strikes of health, which ranges between 60 and 80 beats per minute. This was the figure means that the participants were concerned in some way, no more, no less.

This was the track of the types of railway roller coaster «relatively quiet», fast-moving 75 miles (120 km approx) per hour, compared with those Gamhat at 120 miles (190 km approx) per hour.

However, two minutes after the start of the movement of the rail, was the heart of the participants in the ride hit a rate of 153 beats per minute on average .. Researchers were surprised because the largest increase in the number of beats appeared during the first stage of the ride, the ascent stage, and not during the next phase, a phase of sharp down, which usually leads to a fear of falling.

* Movement and the heart

* As for the ride was long its effect: the light half of the participants with impaired heart they have for several minutes after the end of the riding, and even after the heart rate returned to normal levels.

But you have to know that pushing your heart to work, not a bad thing. As the fruit that the benefits of moderate physical activity such as walking or aerobic exercise (aerobic) Any species that accelerate the work of your heart and make you breathe harder than usual and provides additional benefits for the heart and blood vessels. The American Heart Association recommends starting out in the program of aerobic exercise, but it determines an increase of 50 to 75 per cent of the maximum number of beats your heart, as a «target zone» of any physical activity is good.

After six months of regular exercise, says the American Heart Association, will be able to exercise Rights to undertake, with satisfaction, to increase the number of heart beats by 85 per cent of the average natural safe.

For many people, the rapid rate of heart beat during the roller coaster riding the rail, be within these limits. As pointed out by researchers when submitting their report to the American Heart Association in 2005, it should not for young people who do not have heart disease, fear of the lead passenger, which may lead to heart violently, to stop his heart.

However, this does not apply to persons who have a heart condition or high blood pressure. An increase in the rates of sudden heart may be dangerous. In April 2006, a woman died in the 49-year-old after the end of the ride in El «Spice» in one of the entertainment centers of the «Disney», which move passengers in the cycle twice more strongly than the ground force of attraction. According to reports, the results of an autopsy showed that death occurred because of a stroke may be associated with high blood pressure. He was 4 years old boy, had a heart condition has not been diagnosed before, had died after riding the same track a year before that <

* Harvard Medical Service of Rights:

President Palace AT & Fellows Harvard College

* Exciting .. Cardiac arrest

* Scientists are asking for damages of new games fast

* Cambridge (Massachusetts U.S.): «Middle East» *

* When the sites promoted by games roller coaster rails for exciting announcements on the work of cardiac arrest, they do not provide Tbjuhat empty. On average, four people die each year because of riding the roller coaster track. And half of all deaths that occur in accidents, be the result of sugar, or foolish behavior. The second half stemmed from a medical condition, are often a heart attack or fatal heart palpitations, or bleeding in the brain, or an explosion in one of the blood vessels.

Two studies on the roller coaster track, that the heart begins to knock violently, almost, when you start to climb the rail vehicles. And reached the highest number of heart rate in healthy young volunteers, on average, to 155 beats per minute, with the monitoring of 90 per cent higher than the average number of beats in some of them natural. Provision is also a sharp rise in blood pressure. In one study, published in 2007 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, about half of the monitoring of volunteers, an imbalance in the heart is detrimental for several minutes after the end of the riding. However, the question remains unanswered whether this imbalance is harmful to people with heart disease.

In spite of our ignorance of it, it can be said that the ride may be new games will have a greater impact in the heart and blood vessels. And some new games taking place at 100 miles (160 km approx) per hour, and up the power of attraction that riders are exposed to the same force experienced by astronauts at the start of the U.S. space shuttle.

The vast majority of people ride these games and finish with a sense of adventure without any sense of time. However, there is reason of the reasons for the warnings to other people who suffer from heart disease, avoiding rail roller coaster and other similar games.

* Harvard Heart Letter, services «Tribune Media»
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Exciting adventure games and their effect on the heart
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