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 The theory of bad blood

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The theory of bad blood Empty
PostSubject: The theory of bad blood   The theory of bad blood I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 02, 2012 3:36 am

This argument ((bad blood)) were prevalent in ancient medicine still used widely in modern times, and repeated by people sick and the doctors Ejammlhm Is this statement correct? Is there a benefit of blood and blood within the human body is corrupt? What are the signs of corruption of blood when he says that? In this article we try to answer these questions.

The doctors were old and with them people think that every member of the body's blood found in it, and that the disease, which affects that member to cause corruption in the blood in it, and that means to get rid of bad blood in any part of the body and thus treat the disease he is suffering from is cupping wet (cupping After finishing the skin) that come out bad blood and keep blood good in that member, as they say, repairing the blood through other means such as food, diet and sports physical and fresh air and emeticology and laxatives, have continued these beliefs for thousands of years until laid Galen (second century AD), his theory of the heart and vascular (blood), where I suppose Galen that the blood flow to the tissues of the liver and heart alike, and that the air passes from the lungs to the heart and arteries and veins by Mejraan of blood, moved it and Istqublhma heart in the movement of the tide, and that blood is from the right side to the side left side of the heart through the pores in the diaphragm between the cavities, and remained the functions of the heart and blood for more than a thousand years construe as interpreted by Galen in the second century AD, and thus continued to believe the former theory, bad blood and extraction cupping, and with the doctor the Muslim Ibn al-Nafis had discovered the minor blood circulation in the tenth century AD, it did not continue in its discovery until it reaches the blood circulation and the major public and explaining the whole thing, because the discovery was the theory did not come to prove in practice (anatomical and physiological) as we shall see when in Harvey (1615 m).

Opposed to Leonardo Da Vinci (1560 m) the idea of ​​the passage of air from the lungs to the heart, and denied Fessalius (1543 m) and the presence of pores in the diaphragm, and revealed his drawings consummate the arteries and veins that their ends or edges accurate and contiguous to barely suggest to pass the session, explained Fabrizio that the valves in veins make it impossible for the flow of venous blood from the heart, and so began the theory of Galen fade.

It was Harvey, a world in mathematics in addition to being a doctor great, and his knowledge of mathematics (especially induction) is the one who enabled him to detect the circulatory system, says Harvey: ((when the group reviewed the evidence that I have, whether in Astakitha of Tharihat biology and my reflections where, or from the cavities of the heart The vessels that enter it or leave it, which is often carefully thinking about it seriously, what Asaha be the amount of blood that transfer, I found it impossible to be derived from the juices of the food that enters the body without the dry veins out of hand, or go off arteries to excessive fullness Blood on the other hand, unless there is blood to him somehow a way out of the arteries to the veins and then back to the right side of the heart, I say: when I reviewed all this data and evidence began to think that there could be a movement as if it were a circle, and now can O_h for myself to make Pfkurti for blood circulation)).

Junction of Harvey: If the amount of blood escaping from the heart at each contraction or shrinking half ounce of liquid, in the hours to be hurt the heart in the arteries of more than (500) ounces liquid, which is much more than the contents of the whole body, where will all this blood?! It seemed impossible that such a large amount can result from an hour to an hour to digest food, and concluded Harvey that the blood that comes out of the heart returned to him, and that there is no other way to the only veins, thanks to the experiments and simple observations show immediately and easily that the venous blood flows from the tissues to the heart.

And summarize the idea of ​​circulation is as follows: The blood that comes out of the left ventricle goes to the other parts of the body, then returns to the right atrium and then to the right ventricle, and then blood comes out of the right ventricle to the lungs, and the lungs return blood to the left atrium and then to the left ventricle (and you say: the heart easier and includes the left atrium and left ventricle, the heart and right includes the right atrium and right ventricle), and the veil between the atria and ventricles dead end, and so is the blood circulation through two sessions: a major session where goes the blood to other parts of the body to carry the gas poisonous carbon , where the junior cycle and goes into the lungs the blood carries oxygen and get rid of carbon, and has completed Mallbecka discover that Harvey discovered capillaries that connect the ends of the veins and arteries in the ends (1660 m).

And circulatory system become a reality and has evidence material felt, When we withdraw liters of blood from the veins of the hand there can anyone claim that the human hand contains more than a liter of blood, and when we transfer the blood to a person may be quantitative Baloltar no one can claim that the human hand carrying three liters of blood, for example, there is a circulation and access to any of a blood vessel is the entry of any vessels on the tree entry of the liquid whole blood, where is the bad blood and bad blood vessels inside the liquid?! The theory of bad blood is no longer unfounded since the discovery of blood circulation, ie, since at least four centuries, however, people still believe this theory to suspicions, and Acyrhm doctors for reasons, what are these suspicions? What are these reasons?.

The suspicion first mentioned by people to say Blood corrupt they compromised the color, where the blood is extracted from the body, whether by cupping (wet) or Balvsadh (withdrawal of blood from the veins of the hand) for the color dark blue close to black, while the color of blood interest is the bright red, and the answer on suspicion of color is that the blood extracted cupping and Alvsadh is venous blood, ie, the blood that carries waste products including carbon from other parts of the body to the heart, Vahadjama and Alvsadh be through the veins are superficial normally, while the arteries that carry blood bright red can not be accessed by Balvsadh or cupping.

The second suspicion supplied by those who say the theory of bad blood is compromised coagulation, as the blood that comes out of the body by cupping or Alvsadh or wound coagulates quickly, especially in cold weather, he says to us a lot of patients when they pull their blood as a therapeutic: See Doctor, this blood Black Almottaglt if it stayed in my body to killed me, and this is what people say to each other, and the answer of this is that any blood coming out of the body will clot quickly, especially if the weather is cool, so as not to coagulate the blood taken from people in blood banks and transferred to the other or the blood that is extracted from the body for laboratory testing, added his anti-clotting substance.

It is appropriate to recall that I do not deny treatment, cupping or Alvsadh in some cases, but deny that there is irregular bleeding and blood for Blood is it may be valid as a human right may be corrupt and that of a human patient, but this corruption is the corruption of a relative and not absolute.

The doctors Fessaeron patients in saying blood corrupt either because you do not have time to explain the information medical or because the patient Ami does not have the capacity to absorb the theory of the circulatory system or as a kind of hypocrisy to maintain the financial benefit of the patient, and when this last reason I recall that Harvey did not publish his theory and detection for the circulatory system (1615 m) only after thirteen years of its discovery (1628 m), and reminds historians that he was accused in his mind and affected his work after the publication of medical discovery of this scientific fact. And Allah knows best
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The theory of bad blood
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