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 Explain that I'm a modern man's land between the

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Explain that I'm a modern man's land between the Empty
PostSubject: Explain that I'm a modern man's land between the   Explain that I'm a modern man's land between the I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 31, 2012 10:59 pm

This is one of the modern principles of Islam that goes under the provisions of halal and haram The Prophet peace be upon him end the suspicions and legitimate approach in dealing with them. And the issues:

First: In the modern sign that things in terms of the provision of three sections:
1 - not pure old suspicions such as clothing, restaurants and boats permitted.
2 - haram deepest suspicions do not like drinking alcohol, usury, adultery and consuming the wealth of the orphan and the like, which is forbidden on the text of Islam.
3 - suspected between Halal and Haram Kalmaamlat and restaurants frequented the like.
The origin of objects and actions are permissible interpretation of the meaning (which is created for you in all the land).

The second suspicion is all that is his hesitation between Halal and Haram so suspected his replacement is on the taxpayer or haraam. Has been interpreted by Imam Ahmad suspicion "as a standard between Halal and Haram means I'm sincere and pure and Holy interpreted sometimes mixing of halal and haram." And the suspicion of two types:
1 - suspected of judgment: and objects such as those that present and Aslan Etjazbha Mbih.
2 - suspected in the case: as one who found something that is permissible in his house belonged to him do it on the inside of his property or get it out on that money to others.

The third suspicion is relative is not freely there is suspicion of all people, but is located to many of them as the Prophet peace be upon him (do not teach them a lot of people) does not have suspected an original texts indicate he says (as of value in the book of something), but displays of explaining people away due diligence and see the broad and extrapolation of the texts, therefore, at least as scientists, can never be located suspicion of practical issues when all scientists because God has guaranteed to preserve the laws and his statement to the people, not mislead the entire nation from knowing the truth is still in the ground-based to God on the grounds.

IV: saying peace be upon him (it fears suspicions have Aestbro of religion and honor) it should be for a Muslim should refrain from immediately suspected him to keep his religion from falling into that Allah has forbidden it was the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him the most interest on this Anas narrated that the Prophet peace be upon him found a date in the road, he said (not that I was afraid to be a charity to ate) agreed, and the Ancestors emphasize the checking of their religion Aisha said, "was to Abu Bakr, a boy goes out to him abscess and Abu Bakr was to eat of the abscess came days something he ate him Abu Bakr said to him, the boy know what this Abu Bakr said what you said is speculated to people in ignorance, and the best fortune-telling trick but I met me and gave me this so that I ate him enter his hand Abu Bakr Faqae everything in his stomach, "Bukhari. All of this laptop on the ability of suspicion and the absence of power in the matter if it is found it is permissible for a person and the thing still compromised with him and believed in his heart so there is nothing wrong then of use.

V: Vaid evidence that the acquittal of supply is required legally should a slave be keen to get away from all that defiles currently presents his reputation or his family or his descendants said bad and the Word "that shelter by one display is charity" and indicates that it is committed suspicions he offered himself to the cup and the appeal of the salaf said, "to present himself to the interest to no one to blame but himself," but is prescribed for a person to leave the permissible emptied to display and the fear of challenge in which people as the Prophet peace be upon him to two men from the Ansar as Roaah standing with Wife descriptive Vosraa said to them, (for Rslkma it descriptive) in the correct Okhrajat.

VI: saying peace be upon him (it took place in the slander) Narrated by scientists in two ways:
The first is that of the direct indulgence in suspicion and many do not abuse them feel safe from injury Sacred although not deliberately so.
The second is that of the accustomed indulgence in this and Practice suspicions evolve up to that dares to violate taboos and go with him to maximize the rites, and it was narrated that the Prophet peace be upon him said (not a slave to be righteous even leaves quite a bit cautious of what wrong with him) narrated by al-Tirmidhi and classed.

Seventh: the rule of treatment in the old money and forbidden to mixed conditions:
First: to be more money and no man's land dominated by this hated Imam Ahmad said, "should avoid it unless it is something easy, something you do not know." But if he knows that something is forbidden it is haraam to eat a particular consensus as narrated by Ibn Abd al-Barr and others.
Second: to be'm more wealth and dominated it is permissible to him and eat from his unabashed, he narrated from 'Ali may Allah be pleased with him, he said at the awards Sultan "not too bad what gives you the wife more than they give you from the Sacred," The Prophet peace be upon him and his companions treated the idolaters and the people of the book with the knowledge that they do not they avoid all the Sacred.
Third: that the suspect is not known, whichever is more for halaal or haraam, this suspicion and the pious left Sofyan said, "I do not like it and left impressed with the" Zuhri said, "There is nothing wrong to eat it unless it is known in his wealth with haraam" text Ahmad it is permissible to eat in which there is suspicion or knew forbidden.

H: Sepp from his mount near the care of other transplant Votfatth within the ravages of the implant on the right because it is too maintenance and save money for others in saying peace be upon him (Kalrai sponsors about the fever is about to enjoy himself in it) refer to it.

Ninth: In the modern evidence on the basis of arguments leading to the bridge to fall into the taboo and the prohibition of the means to it, and also indicates the base as a "ward off evil takes precedence over bringing benefits" very far, which is afraid of falling and that the thought of safety in his approach.

X: learn from this hadeeth that the attitude of people towards the suspicions on the sections:
1 - the fear of reproach him on suspicion it may Aestbro of religion and honor.
2 - is located in the suspicions it had offered himself to fall into the no man's land.
3 - He was aware of its rule and follow the Dallah what he knew he was not mentioned by the Prophet peace be upon him and his rule for the emergence of this section is the best three sections because he knew the rule of God in these doubtful matters and the work of his knowledge.

Eleventh: hadeeth indicates the magnitude of the heart and its importance because Salah movements of a person with his physical faculties and avoid taboos and prophylaxis suspicions, according to Salah movement of his heart, the heart was sound where there is love of God and love what God loves and the fear of God and the fear of falling into that hated repaired movements of prey whole and that the heart was corrupt, may seized by a passion for the slave desires and love of the world captured prey movements are all spoiled, and that the king is said to heart the rest of the members and members of his soldiers obedient to his orders in the infraction is not everything. It does not help on the Day of Resurrection except the healthy heart the Almighty said (Day whereon neither wealth nor sons only came to Allah a sound heart) and the Prophet peace be upon him say in his du'aa (I ask you a heart sound) Narrated by Ahmad, and a healthy heart is the peace of the doubts and desires. The Prophet peace be upon him of the heart at the conclusion of a recent reference to suspicions that the prevention of heart caused by Salah and falling into the origin and heart weakness and corruption of God used.

XII: Salah heart is the work of legitimacy and worship attack. There Salah hearts to settle the knowledge of God and His greatness and love and fear and hope in Him and trust in Him and be filled with this and this is the fact that unification that the heart is what a the head and is intended only God has no partner and leave what else, even if the the heavens and the earth god to others rotted so he says how much (if two gods but God Vsdta), but he knows that it is not the world, Salah top and bottom so that all movements of people to God. Hasan al-Basri said the man, "Dow heart the need of God to the slaves Salah their hearts." Mohammad Balkhi said, "What I walked forty years ago for other than Allah Almighty." Al-Hasan said, "What is considered Bbesra pronounced Bilsani not Btst my hand and got up on my feet even see to obey or to disobey the obedience was made sin but was delayed."
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Explain that I'm a modern man's land between the
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