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 Surat Al Emran 7 -8-29

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Surat Al Emran 7 -8-29 Empty
PostSubject: Surat Al Emran 7 -8-29   Surat Al Emran 7 -8-29 I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 18, 2012 2:04 pm

Verse 7 says the verse in the interpretation of the verse: "As for those who in their hearts aberration." Aberration and inclination; and deviated from the sun, and the deviated eye. It is said slackened deviates Siga if left intent; and it says: "when they turned their hearts the path of Allaah" [Grade: 5]. This verse is permeated every variety of infidel and heretic and his heresy and ignorant,. Asked the Prophet peace be upon him for unswerving in science, he said: (it's part of his right hand and the sincerity of his tongue and his heart mends his ways).

Verse 8 came in Tafseer al-Qurtubi - said: deflexion heart of corruption and the tendency of religion, has Hdoa Avkanwa afraid that God would send them to the corruption? The answer is to be guided as they asked God not to test them, including weighing them might not be able to work with him; about "I wrote, even if they have to kill yourself or get out of your homes ..." [Women: 66]. Ibn Kisan: not asked Azagua Vezag hearts Allah; about "when they turned their hearts the path of Allaah ..." [Grade: 5] means we have to have guided and guided, not Nzig thus enabling us to deflect our hearts. And it was said before, which is uninterrupted; and the Almighty said that the people of aberration. Subsequently learned that the slaves in the prayer of the community not to be mentioned is reprehensible and the people of aberration. Al-Tirmidhi from the hadeeth of Ibn month Hawshab said: Umm Salamah said: 'O Mother of the Believers, what was more prayer Messenger of Allah peace be upon him if you have? She said, was more his supplication (O Mold hearts proved my heart on your religion). I said: O Messenger of God, what more you dump your prayer hearts proved my heart Dink said: (O Umm Salamah that he is not only a human and his heart between two fingers of Allah willing, it is established and willing Ozag). Maaz read out, "Lord Let not our hearts as our gift after." He said: hasan hadeeth.

Verse 29 and said in Tafseer al-Qurtubi is the world Bkhvaat breasts and included it, including the heavens and the earth and all it contained, Knower of the Unseen Aazb him not a whit do not forget about something, there is no god but Allaah is the unseen world and the
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Surat Al Emran 7 -8-29
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