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 What is known about mint?

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PostSubject: What is known about mint?   What is known about mint? I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 16, 2012 3:33 am

Peace, mercy and blessings of God and

Uses and benefits of medical mint

1. The most important properties of peppermint oil as an anti-colic, has a repellent effect of the winds Mjhi tummy, aperitif, remover of indigestion, bloating and eliminate colic.

2. Used mint used widely for patients with cholera and diarrhea.

3. Mint for use particularly where mixed with laxatives in order to remove some side effects,

It also removes the dizziness and feeling sick and vomiting.

4. Mint plays a role in raising the temperature inside the body, and cause sweating.

5. Mint tea is used in heart disease, palpitations.

6. Peppermint calms disturbing bouts of severe coughing.

7. Fighting bouts of headache and migraine and drink locally.

8. Stop bouts of insomnia and sleep easy.

9. Removes the dark tanning of the skin, and whitening skin color.

10. Peppermint EDR urine, heartbreaking gravel and sand.

11. Reduced to the sexual energy and prevent Ctlamat night.

Types of Mint City:

1) mint went on, saying:

Papers convex and furrow is close to the green form of basil, but the difference between mint and basil along Hasawi paper basil longer weak almost Hasawi and some call urban.

2) Moroccan Mint:

Echinococcus and splayed his papers form almost the color of brown wicker and sometimes boiled with water and Moroccan mint gives the drink a light green called Alhahi Green

3) Mint shower

, A mint-flavored unique and distinctive flavor Ogsana long structure and splayed his cards, small and taste is very delicious

I hope that you enjoy tea Berad Mnanc modifies mood

Medical uses

1 - live colic:
Spread use of boiled mint leaves fresh or dry in alleviating the pain of colic types by reducing the occurrence of contractions in the walls of the intestine or in the bile ducts or in the urinary tract or the lower abdomen during menstrual period for women, and benefit the drinking of children and adults aqueous extract of mint in reducing the severity of intestinal colic as a result of the therapeutic efficacy of peppermint oil, and the newly discovered property of peppermint oil peppermint named commercially (Kolbrmin) colprmin anti-activity compound (choline) anticholinergic and similar in its composite act atropine in reducing the incidence of cramps antispasm and moderator and continue some of the people, especially in Germany on the use of volatile oils from plants Kalmstkhrj M.piperita of mint leaves in the treatment of colic and reduce the incidence contractions in the intestine, and is useful in this regard the use of drops of extract of mint leaves in hot water after cooling in alleviating intestinal colic, convulsions for babies.

2 - boycotted the winds of the abdomen:
Mint effective in cutting winds of the abdomen carminative a property therapeutic characteristic olive oil aromatic, which causes relaxation in the winepress esophageal cardiac allowed the exit of gases accumulated in the stomach and inhibits the gas composition inside the colon, and collected by the effect on the activity of microorganisms that produce; is therefore advisable to use for people who frequently suffer puff of the abdomen, and is relevant in particular for heart patients to reduce the amount of pressure on the weak hearts in the performance of work as a result of the accumulated gases within the intestines.

3 - contributes to the treatment of diarrhea:
Peppermint leaves contain a percentage ranging from 12-6% of the (tannin), a compound that has an impact clutch of tissue which is beneficial in reducing the movement of smooth muscle in the walls of the intestine, and mint leaves contain a compound (Alminthol), a very effective antiseptic stronger than compound (phenol) activity against bacteria, so it is useful to drink soaked mint leaves fresh or dry in hot water to ease diarrhea and gastroenteritis.

4 - its impact on the Beh:
There were conflicting views of people and the ancient doctors and specialists in folk medicine on the effects of excess ingestion of mint, especially extracted in hot water to Beh (sexual ability for men), and said that Ashab famous Arab Ibn Al-Bitar (the power of heated, and heal by the front of the headache, and strengthens the stomach, and heating itand designate the Beh), said some of the common people: Too much to drink mint tea weakens Beh, and in fact do not have scientific evidence of the impact of mint on the Beh in a weakened or strengthened.

5 - menstrual diuretic
Contains mint leaves Beaulieu and olive oil on high in a compound (Pulijohn) pulegone, and this compound has effects generating the menstrual women emmenagogue when delays occur, benefiting in the treatment of the case of delayed occurrence of menstruation for women, but leads eating pregnant mother of large doses of the oil extracted from the leaves of mint Beaulieu to an abortion, has been accompanied by severe case of poisoning is characterized by convulsions and death by poisoning, hepatic expire.

6 - insect repellent: scientists have discovered the effectiveness of the oil extracted from mint Beaulieu in expelling or turning off the insects Kalpawwad, and used some people drive a private saturated with this oil placed inside a provider heater thermal Vitaar oil gradually in the air avoided insects from the smell and move away from the place of exit
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What is known about mint?
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