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 Marjoram and for medical benefits on the heart and other

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Marjoram and for medical benefits on the heart and other Empty
PostSubject: Marjoram and for medical benefits on the heart and other   Marjoram and for medical benefits on the heart and other I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 19, 2011 2:25 am

Marjoram Origanum
Muammar herbal plant is grown in cold regions and on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Peninsula, Java, India and China, and cultivated in Europe and America and is abundantly present in Madina
Has several names, including Wazzab and shower and marjoram, known scientifically as Marjoram, or Origanum Vulgare is used by all parts of the plant
A family of plants known to affect drug successful and Coriander is one of the oral species of plants and plant contains volatile oil, and it is the most important compound thymol and Alcavacrol and also has a plant materials Adoridjanin Afsip Alrosmarinek acid and resin materials and flavonoids Oppe material Kavoria
1 - of the most important benefits that help balance hormone in any age group (if a particular hormone is high, even if reduced, low bump) Sobhan Allah
As Dr. Abdul Basit Mohamed El-Sayed that he had found experimenting scientific, that the aqueous extract retained oils volatile of the herb, has an effect in regulating hormones, resonance, and aldosterone, and prostaglandin, a hormone gland Garcleoh, and experiments hormonal proved that this extract the ability to balance the natural rates of reproduction and hormones, which causes a deficiency or imbalance to the increase of infertility Soaand male or female.
Since this grass contains a generator of hormones in the form of turbines, so it is useful to regulate hormones and healthy if it does not take affect in hormonal composure, but lead role in the metabolism speed up General anabolic.
2 - is reduced blood pressure (if a sick person drinks blood pressure rate of 100 ml per day and will dispense medicine), reported that the Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and described in the treatment of blood pressure
3 - and proved recently held that the aqueous extract volatile oils which lowers blood sugar by up to 15%
4 - As stated in the prophetic medicine in cases of Alkhcham any colds and scientifically proved that the expansion of the airways, which helps in the treatment of colds and benefit Kgergerh inflammation of the throat or smell vapor water for the treatment of sinusitis, and the solvent of the phlegm and is useful in cases of asthma, colds, coughs and sinus congestion and ulcers the mouth ..
5 - Scientific studies indicate that the coriander plant has an antioxidant effect, like other antioxidants, and in the study worked on 100 plant species of plants which is the interpretation of the coriander plant including the plant found that this was the best plant was given to counteract oxidation.
6 - has a significant impact in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatic pain resulting from the oil used in the treatment of arthritis.
7 - and uses the grass in the treatment of irregular menstrual cycle, and also eliminates the hassles of menstruation and the hardness and pain in women, also found Dr. Abdul Basit that regulates the hormone prolactin is responsible for the regularity of the blood of the session, and that, when tested by two cups of water extract of it, it replaces drug chemotherapy, and on the other hand, it is successfully used in the treatment of pre-eclampsia, as it is completely safe during pregnancy
8 - The composite anti-bacterial and anti-viruses and bacteria and disinfectant for bacteria and due to the presence of a compound Alrosmarinek acid is used in the United States as anti-microbial, it is placed with processed meat as a natural preservative
9 - It has an impact sedative and anti-inflammatory and Khavdha of heat, in addition to its effective role in strengthening the immune system and this effect superiority to some of the medicines standard that was used in this study, research has shown that the extract of the herb effective catalyst for the immune system is equal to fully influence the known bead pond
10 - and used against the pain of the heart, which expands the arteries and capillaries has been found that compounds of this plant to prevent disruption of cells, according to Kuwait News Agency "KUNA" the studies that were conducted to demonstrate the therapeutic effect of plant extract "Marjoram" proved to be an impact protective prevent the destruction of liver cells
11 - and used against stomach pains and intestinal cramps along with it, and laxative and peptic and repelling gas and a diuretic and diaphoretic, as it removes excess water from the body
12 - also proved to be a close relationship to remove the migraine and soothing to the nerves and gives you peace of mind and reduce the sense of tension, said Dr. Mohiuddin Laithi Researcher, Department of "Pharmacology" at the National Center for Research in Egypt specialized medical - as stated newspaper Al-Ahram - The herb "Marjoram" effect and counter- for depression.
13 - a general tonic and in this strange grass that excessive eating of cause drowsiness and if you take the evening it leads to the relaxation
14 - The Oil Marjoram darling of the Greeks to prevent muscle cramps and swelling of body water and muscle pain
That Marjoram is a treasure medication is a source of drug found in nature and essence of the herb is completely safe and proven lack of side effects when used for a continuous period are advised to drink two cups of drink Marjoram per day in order to avoid a lot of health problems, it also serves as hyperactivity, and the research conducted about the toxicity of this herb has shown that the core of the focus is completely safe, even 5 g per kg of body weight also did not result in continuous use for a period of two months for damage to the liver, kidneys, blood picture, making it completely safe when used continuously
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Marjoram and for medical benefits on the heart and other
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