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 Interpretation of the verses of Al Omran in the heart (7-8-126)

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Interpretation of the verses of Al Omran in the heart (7-8-126) Empty
PostSubject: Interpretation of the verses of Al Omran in the heart (7-8-126)   Interpretation of the verses of Al Omran in the heart (7-8-126) I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 05, 2011 7:11 pm

Verse 7
Nine issues:
The first Muslims came from Aisha may Allah be pleased with her:
Followed the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him "is revealed to you the Book which verses umpires are the Mother of the Book and the last similarities As for those who in their hearts aberration and follow what the similarity of it in order to sedition, and in order to be interpreted, and knows its interpretation except Allah and firmly grounded in knowledge say, We believe in it all from our Lord and The admonition except men of understanding. "
She said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him:
"If you have seen those who follow him are similar to those, who he called God beware of them" and my father often said:
I walked with my father my father in front of him on a donkey, even if it ended up drawer mosque of Damascus, if pointed at the heads, he said: 'What are these heads? It was said that this person would be buried their heads outsiders from Iraq. He said Abu Amama: dogs, fire dogs, fire dogs, fire! Evil dead under the shadow of heaven, Blessed are those who killed and killed him say it three times and then cried. I said: What makes you cry, O Abu front of him? He said: mercy to them, they were the people of Islam, they went out of it, then read "is the one who revealed to him the verses of the book you need umpires" to the last verses. Then read "do not be like those who became divided and differed from what came to them after the evidence," I said: O Abu Amama, are they? He said yes. I said: nothing you say your opinion or something I heard from the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: I am if bold Then I am to bold, but I heard the Messenger of Allah upon him more than once, not twice, not three or four or five or six or seven, and put fingers in his ears, He said: The only Vsmta said it three times and then said: I heard the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him says, "separated the sons of Israel on one of the seventy-band, one in Paradise and Saúarham in the fire and Tzidn them this nation and one by one in Paradise and Saúarham in the fire."
II: The scholars differed as umpires and similarities in the words of many, said Jabir bin Abdullah, the appropriate words of the popular and revolutionary Sufyan and others: umpires from the Koran interpreted what was known and understood its meaning and interpretation. Entirely clear unless one to his knowledge, which accounted for God created him without his knowledge. Some of them said: That at the time such as time and the exit of Gog and Magog and the Antichrist and Jesus, and some letters cut in the wall early.
I said: This is the best in the entirely clear what was said. We have provided in the early spring for Sura Al Khithm that God sent down this Qur'an Vastather him with the knowledge of what he wants, talk. Said Abu Othman arbitrator light book that does not count unless the prayer. Mohammed bin Fadl Al-fidelity, because it is not the only uniformity only. It has been said: the entire Qur'an arbitrator: says: "The Book of His signs is tightened," and it was said that all the same, for saying: "a book similar."
I say: This is not something in the meaning of the verse, the verse: "The Book of His signs is tightened," ie, in systems, paving and it is a right from God. And the meaning of a book similar, ie similar to each other and believe each other. And not to be saying the verses of umpires and other similarities that sense, but entirely clear in this verse in this verse from the door of possibility and suspicion by saying that the N cows resemble us. Any confused us, any potentially many kinds of beef. The arbitrator is to be in an interview this is what the confusion is not likely only one face. And it was said that entirely clear what is likely faces, and if the faces were to one side and the rest became entirely clear overturned an arbitrator. Arbitrator are never out of the branches, the branch is entirely clear. Ibn Abbas said: umpires is quoted as saying in Surat Al-cattle "Say Let's recite what your Lord has forbidden you" to three verses, and the children of Israel, saying, "And your Lord has not worship none but Him and dutiful to your parents." Ibn 'Atiyah said: This is an example I gave in the umpires. Ibn Abbas said, too, umpires copier and forbidden and his statutes, and what he believes in and works, and similarities Alminsokhat and the front and back and others like him and its divisions and believes in him shall not serve him, and Ibn Masud and others: umpires copiers, and similarities Alminsokhat, and said Qatada and spring and Dahhaak. Mohammed ibn Jaafar ibn al-Zubayr in which the umpires are the argument of the Lord, and the infallibility of the subjects and payment of liabilities and falsehood, has no drainage and no distortion of what gave birth to it. Similarities and his discharge, misrepresentation and interpretation, God plagued the subjects in them, and said Mujahid and Ibn Ishaq. Ibn 'Atiyah said: This is the best of words in this verse. Copper said the best suggestions in the umpires and the umpires that the similarities that existed by itself does not need to return it to the other, some did not have one no longer. I am Ghaffar who repents. And similarities to that God forgives all sins due to which the Almighty said: "I am Ghaffar who repents" and saying the Almighty: "God forgives not that engages him." I said what he said copper shows the view favored by Ibn 'Atiyah, is the ongoing development of the tongue, so that the arbitrator's name, the effect of the wisest, and precision and perfection, no doubt that what was Ashh meaning no problem with it or hesitation, but is also for the clarity of vocabulary words and mastery of composition and when the two came a misfire similarities and shapes. And Allaah knows best. The son of Juez Mndad: similar to the object, to which the government scientists who disagreed with what any other verses, copied, or saying, 'Ali, Ibn Abbas in the pregnant woman whose husband died invoke the maximum term. Was Omar and Zaid bin Thabit, Ibn Masud and others say she gave birth, they say: Nisa forced copied four months and ten days. It was Ali, Ibn Abbas did not say copy. Kachtlavhm and in the will of the heir is copied or not copied. And Ktard whichever first two verses to make copies if you did not know there was Cheraúth, meaning: "Lawful to you and what of the meaning" requires a combination of relatives of the king the right, and says, "and had gathered between the sisters but what has already passed." Prevent it. And it also opposes the news of the Prophet peace be upon him and opposes the scales, it is entirely clear. It is not entirely clear that you read the verse and the two readings is the name or the Association. The readings Kalaatin under which all must work, and read: "and wipe your heads and your feet." Conquest and fracture, on the following statement in the round, in sha Allaah.
Third: Al-Bukhaari narrated from Sa'eed ibn Jabir said a man said to Ibn Abbas:
I find different things in the Quran Ali. He said what he said: "there is no kinship among them that day and wonder." He said, "and accept each other wondering" and said "God does not conceal recently," and said: "By God our Lord what we were heathens." Was concealed in this verse. At Pluckers "or built the sky." To saying, "He spread." He mentioned the creation of heaven before the creation of the earth, and then said: "Oankm to disbelieve in Him Who created the earth in two days." .. To: "disobedient." Stated in this created the earth before the creation of the sky. He said: "And Allah is ever Forgiving, Most Merciful." "God was ever Mighty, Wise." "If God is Hearer and the Seer." As if he was then before. Ibn Abbas said: "there is no lineages, including" Puff the first, then blow the image Vsak in the heavens and the earth but of God, there is no kinship among them that when you do not wonder, then in the Hereafter Puff "I accept each other wondering." The saying "what we were heathens." "Do not conceal Allah?", God forgive the people of sincerity their sins, and said the polytheists: Let's say we were not heathens, Fajtm God on their mouths Vtntq wholeheartedly to their work, when it was known that God does not conceal recently, he has like those who disbelieve, if they were Muslims. And God created the earth in the right, then ascended to heaven and made them seven heavens in two days, then Dahha land which expands taken out of water and pasture, and the creation of the mountains, trees, hills and Anhma in another two days, it said: "The earth after that He spread." Fajlguet where the earth and in four days, and created the sky in two days. And saying "Allah is ever Forgiving, Most Merciful" means the same, any still remain so, God did not change anything but who wanted to hit him. Woe to you is not different from the Koran, both from God.
D: says: "The last similarities" did not happen, because it was amended last for a thousand and Lam, because the origin to be in thousands of prescription and Lam Kkabr and small, and when he reversed the course of the Alpha and the lam prevented the exchange. Abu Obaid: No Barvoha because one of them does not go out in the knowledge nor nobody. He denied that the radiator and he said this should not go out and Gdhab Attash. Alexaii: did not enter because it is a recipe .. And he said that seemed to be two and smashed two Mnasrvan. Sibawayh: may not be the last Madolh a thousand, and Lam, because if it was Madolh for the Alpha and the rallying of the knowledge, not to see that the magic of knowledge in all the rumors of what was Madolh for magic, and yesterday in the words of one who says he went yesterday Madolh from yesterday, Had another Mtla also the Alpha and the lam for was to find out, was described by God Balnkerh.
V: As for the verse which in their hearts, which raise the aberration start with, and follow the news and what it resembles. Aberration and inclination, and deviated from the sun, and the deviated eye. And said: duck deviates Siga if left intent, and it says: "the path of Allaah when they turned their hearts." And this verse is permeated every variety of the unbeliever and a heretic and ignorant, and his heresy, and that the signal at that time to the Christians of Najran. Qatada said in the interpretation of the verse: "As for those who in their hearts aberration": if not Harooris and types of outsiders do not know who they are. I said, has passed for this interpretation of Umaamah is brought, and is sufficient.
Sixth verse: "and follow what the similarity of it in order to sedition, and in order to be interpreted," said the sheikh Abu Abbas, the mercy of Allah be upon him: Mtbau entirely clear is not free to follow him and Ijmauh request to question the Koran and the perversion of the common folk, as did atheists and Qaramita appellants in the Qur'an, or a request to believe the phenomena entirely clear, as did three-dimensional, who gathered in the book and the Sunnah, which is visible physical even thought that Albare God for that, or follow him on a show and appointed Lloyd, a man he is, Almighty God, or follow him on the point of giving Taoaladtha and clarify their meanings, or Sabih, as did more while on the age of the question. These four sections:
I: There is no doubt in the disbelief, and the rule of God in them of murder is being asked to repent.
II: Petkverhm it correct to say there is no difference between them and the worshipers of idols and images and Isttabon But if they repent or be killed as do those who cringe.
The third differed in that it is permissible based on the difference in interpretation is permissible. Has been known that the doctrine of advances being left with the impossibility of cutting them off phenomena, as they say, telling her it came from. Some of them show Taoaladtha and get it to him what is true of the tongue is cut out of appointing all of them.
IV: the governance literature, eloquent, as' Umar Besbag. Said Abu Bakr Anbari: It was the imams of the Salaf punish those who ask about the interpretation of character problems in the Qur'an, because the liquid that was wanting to ask him perpetuate the heresy and sedition is Hakik Balinkar and the greatest enhancement, although not its destination has earned the reproach including Ajterm of guilt, as Find the hypocrites atheists at the time that the way to the weakness of Muslims intend by skepticism and deception in the distortion of the Koran and the realities of the download methods of interpretation. Tell us what it is that Ismail ibn Ishaq ibn Sulaiman told us the judge a letter from Hammad bin Zaid bin for more than a firm from the left bin Suleiman bin Sbag that honey gave the city and started to ask about the Koran and the quasi-similar, reaching that age may Allah be pleased with him sent him Vahdharh Omar has been prepared Arajen Arajen of his palm. When he attended said to him, Omar said of you: I am Abdullah Sbag. Umar said, may Allah be pleased with him as I am Abdullah Omar, and then he smote him Barjohn Vhjh his head, then continued beating him until blood was shed on his face, he said: That's it: O Commander of the faithful and God has gone what I find in my head. The reports differ in the literature, and which is described in Almariaat g then that God inspired him to repent and accused her in his heart, repented and improved his repentance. And the meaning of sedition in order to request doubts and confusion to the faithful until the ruin of them, and people respond to Zaghm. Abu Ishaq glass: the meaning of people in order that they had requested and sent by the interpretation of their neighborhoods, know that Allah was hard to interpret and time that no one knows except God. He said: The proof of this verse: "Do they only interpreted day brings interpreted" any day to see what is promised by the Resurrection and the agony say who forgotten by any left, "came messengers of our Lord to the right" which has seen the interpretation of what told us by the Apostles. He said: Valoagaf on the verse "and knows its interpretation except Allah," ie, no one knows but Allah when the Baath.
Seventh verse: "And only God knows its interpretation." Said:
A group of Jews were shy of Ben Akhtab entered upon the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and said: We have heard that you passed the pain If you are sincere in your essay, the king of your nation is one of the seventy years, because a thousand in the calculation of sentences and one, and Lam thirty, and M Forty, went down and knows its interpretation except Allah. Interpretation is the sense of interpretation, according to your word: the word on the interpretation of this as well. And shall be construed in a sense it is God. The derivation of each matter to be interpreted as well, namely to become. The interpretation given by any Serth. Alone has some scholars, they said, is to show the possibility of unintentional pronunciation guide him outside. Word statement of explanation, such as saying no doubt. Ie, no doubt. The origin of the explanation, a statement, said: interpreted somewhat mitigated Avsrh broken forcibly invaded. Meaning and interpretation of the statement, such as saying no doubt when the faithful. Or because he has the right to not accept the same the same suspicion, but suspicion Alshak described. Ibn Abbas is like the grandfather in the father, because he interpreted the words of God Almighty, my son Adam.
H: says: and firmly grounded in science. The scholars differed as versed in science as it is the words of a lump than before, or is the tendency in earlier Vtkon waw of the collection. What was the most that a lump than before, and that the speech was when saying this but Allah Ibn Umar, Ibn Abbas and Aisha and loop bin Zubair and Omar Bin Abdul Aziz and others, is the view of Alexaii and Alokhvh, fur and Abu 'Ubayd and others. Abu al-Asadi said Nhiek: you pray this verse and it is broken. And ended up unswerving knowledge only saying they believed in him all from our Lord. He said such a life of Abdul-Aziz al-Tabari and told him about the grizzled Younis Malik bin Anas, and say on this story versed. Rhetorical said: Allaah has commanded us that his book of verses by the faith and certification, including two parts: an arbitrator and similar, he says of: "He who sent down to you verses from the book or the book are the umpires and other similarities." To say: "all from our Lord." May know that the book has been entirely clear from Allaah has kept to his knowledge, no one knows construed otherwise, and then praised Allah Almighty on the unswerving in science say they believe in it. Were it not for the health of the faith of them did not deserve praise. The view of most scholars that the complete cessation in this verse it is when the verse: "and knows its interpretation except Allah." And later resume the words of another, he says: "and versed in knowledge say, We believe in it." That was narrated from Ibn Masud, Abu ibn Ka'b, Ibn Abbas and Aisha. But it is narrated from Mujahid format versed on the earlier and claimed that they know it. And some people protested his language, he said: What it means, "and firmly grounded in science," saying they know is safe, and claimed that the position of the monument as they say. And the general people of language deny it and rule out, because the Arabs do not harbor the act and effect together, do not remember off only with the advent of the act, and if does not appear do not be the case, even if that is permissible for the Jazz to say: Abdullah passengers, meaning I accept Abdullah passengers, but may be stated and act such as saying Abdullah speaks fit between people, it was like when he works off Oncdnyh poet Abu Omar, Abu Abbas said Oncdna Fox:
Posted by Kaka Qtma to shorten long walks and Barka
Any limit walking, was the view of most scientists with the help of the doctrines of the first grammarians have to say Mujahid alone, and also it is not permissible to deny God anything about the character and prove to himself and then have a partner. Do not you see the Almighty as saying: Say does not know in the heavens and the earth fault but God and saying: "Do not reveal its time but is" and saying: "Everything will perish save face." , Which was all that God has kept his knowledge others do not share in it. As well as saying the Almighty: "And only God knows its interpretation." Had to F in the verse and of versed format not saying all benefit from our Lord and God knows best.
I said: What is narrated by rhetoric that he did not say say Mujahid other was narrated from Ibn Abbas that the unswerving tendency in the name of God Almighty, and they are logged on in the science entirely clear, and they with their knowledge by saying they believed in him, and said spring, and Mohammad Bin Jaafar Bin Zubair and al-Qasim ibn Muhammad and others. They say on this interpretation we get on the case of the grammar as he said:
Hjoha crying wind and lightning in the nebula shine
And this house is likely involved, may be Beginner and lightning, and the news shine on the first interpretation, so the lump, which before him. It may be Matova the wind, and shine in the position of the case on the interpretation of any second not together. Protested Qaúlo this article also praise God that well established in science, how they are ignorant and have Amdham Ibn Abbas, who knows I interpreted. Mujahid and read this verse and said: I know who interpreted and narrated by the Holy Imam Abu Excellency.
I said: The response of some scientists that say that to say, I said, and appreciate fully speak with God, that means "and knows its interpretation except Allah" means the interpretation of similarities, and versed in science know that part, saying, We believe in it all from our Lord as a monument of the directories in the arbitrator and enabled response of a god. If they knew some of the interpretation did not know some have said everyone safe all from our Lord, unless it degrades our knowledge of the secrets in making good laws Flmh when our Lord. Said the man who may be confused about some of the unwavering interpretation even Ibn Abbas said: I do not know what Alawah gasoline or what, he was told that this is not necessary, because Ibn Abbas then Vvsr Knowing what to stop it. And the answer is cut off from this is that He did not say all this should be a solid, if not teach him a knowledge of the other. He guessed that the son of York unwavering know exegesis, at length, in peace be upon him saying of Ibn Abbas:
"Oh God, his understanding of religion and knowledge of interpretation of what shows you that" any knowledge of the meanings of your book. And stay on this, when saying "and firmly grounded in science." Our Shaykh Abu al-Abbas Ahmad bin Omar: It is correct, the deep-seated need to call them they know more than the arbitrator, who sits in his knowledge of all understand the language of the Arabs. In any Rsuchhm thing is if you do not know except what everyone knows. Entirely clear, but varies, there are some that do not know at all as a matter of spirit and time, which accounted for Bgebh God, this is not a deal not knowing Ibn Abbas and others. It is said of scientists Alhmaq that unswerving do not know science entirely clear I just wanted to this genre, but what they can carry on the faces in the language and tendencies in the language of the Arabs Viol and teaches interpreted the rectum, and continues to us, which made it may be that respect of the interpretation is not straight, such as saying of Jesus and the spirit of it and so on. Can not be called a firm only knows that a lot of this kind, according to what is decreed for him. The people who say that is copied entirely clear on saying Fastakim entry unwavering in the science of interpretation, but the similarities to assign this type is incorrect.
And robustness: constancy in the thing, and all firmly fixed, and that the celestial origin in the mountains and the trees rooted in the earth, the poet said:
We have established in the chest following me in love to the Father, verses that a change
And established the faith rooted in the heart of so and so deeply entrenched. And told some of them established Bourne: dried hundred, narrated by Ibn Faris is one of the antibodies. And cemented, and bowed and Rsn and failed all proved it. Asked the Prophet peace be upon him for the unswerving in science, he said:
"Is part of his right hand and the sincerity of his tongue and his heart quit," If it is asked: How was similar in the Koran and Allah says: "And We sent down to you may explain clearly to men what is sent down to them." How did it all clear and said to him: the wisdom of God, and know that scientists preferred to appear, because if he was all clear and did not show preferred to each other. And so do the ranks rated makes some clear and some are forming, and left to Jthoh subject, because what Han and his less splendor. And Allaah knows best.
IX: the verse: "All of our Lord," the conscience of the return on the book of God Almighty and the court are similar, and appreciation: the whole of our Lord. And delete all conscience to sign it, because it is the word require add-on. Then he said, and mentioned only Ulloa kernels which is to say this and believe in and stand where the stop and let the followers entirely clear only with the heart, the mind. Screw everything pure, so was the heart of the mind. And a collection of Ulloa.
Verse 8
Two issues:
The first verse: "Lord, Let not our hearts" in the words delete the appreciation they say. This tale of unswerving. It may be the meaning of Say O Muhammad, and said: deflexion heart of corruption and the tendency of religion, were afraid to have Hdoa that God moves them to the corruption?
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Interpretation of the verses of Al Omran in the heart (7-8-126)
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