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 Benefits of the verses of Al-Imran in the heart (7-8-126)

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PostSubject: Benefits of the verses of Al-Imran in the heart (7-8-126)   Sat Nov 05, 2011 7:10 pm

1 - in the Book of Allah and the arbitrator entirely clear, and arbitrator must believe it and act accordingly, and faith must be entirely clear and is interpreted to authorize his house and Allah said: {. . We believe in it all from our Lord. . }.
2 - the people who follow the aberration is the similarity should be abandoning them and turning away because they innovated and the people of Ohu
3 - mustahabb prayer request survive the emergence of aberration and the vision of temptation and misguidance.
4 - Report of the principle of the resurrection and the hereafter.
5 - the reason for the defeat of the Muslims in one of a lack of patience and breach of the principle of piety as the stick shooters is the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and came down from the mountain, dragging behind the trophy this to explain that the promise for good thousand and five, was one, and the promise was conditional on the patience and piety when he did not give time not fear not provide them with the angels who told them
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Benefits of the verses of Al-Imran in the heart (7-8-126)
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