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 The story of the perfect child

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The story of the perfect child Empty
PostSubject: The story of the perfect child   The story of the perfect child I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 31, 2011 10:45 pm

Bandar was popular in his school when everyone from professors and colleagues, if I listened to the dialogue between teachers for smart was Bandar who receive a great deal of praise and praise
Asked Bandar about the secret of their success he replied: I live in a house of calm and confidence out of trouble every respect the other, and as long as he also is respectful of himself and I always find my father makes me time to ask me and Anaakecna about my life of study and familiar with the duties finds are pleased he is to Aabkhal his time for his sons Vtaudna rose early to wake up after a night sleep and rose early the most important thing in the morning to clean our teeth, even if we come close to anyone who does not Nzaajh be the remains of the teeth, then wudoo 'for prayer. After we wash our faces with soap and water and we take I and my brothers and breakfast help us to study day and then go back to clean our teeth again and go to our schools and that everyone was failing in improving their own lines, I thank God for writing evidenced by all of my duties .. and meaner on myself comfortable, but in within a reasonable time, then do all of what I like innocent fun
I come to my school and I Rafie head and taking forward the aspirations of future teachers absorber attentively to every word, and discuss and ask and I am so satisfied with myself, all the satisfaction
If it's the right time to study Vigdna behind the counter prepared for study, arrange Mmakurti of a substance to another until I find myself has absorbed all the material, how much I am happy of what I did in a day full of work and hope
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The story of the perfect child
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