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 Bird story for children

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PostSubject: Bird story for children   Bird story for children I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 31, 2011 10:30 pm

View from above the clouds on human beings increases the balance of joy while watching the fringe tears shareholders that have a balance of sadness fill in the ways of ensuring that his return once again to follow up song songs, what they seek to fall to the bottom and not see it among the birds Ichdoa Belhna interview, until he became cage prisoner dreamed that the breeze fly again standing on the branches of trees like other birds, it was his dream to some degree is a simple to impossible. but he was not allowed to despair that gave them and the betrayal that destroys his determination and take the singing of the highest votes is about a paradox of life request the assistance of his brother the bird but it left him lying seafloor in the cage even without sympathy. Although this has not carried out his faith and realize that the vagina is coming and actually made that day where the statement was released after suffering from nervousness but in the meantime, aware of the fact of it is expected that they are loved ones that they are owners too, where that in times of joy Johmonh as a loving and loyal to extinguish the candle his day and to wear a dress Atemth and when they arrive to their goal left only the anguish of pain, the surgeon unconscious can not distinguish between days and nights were sold cheaply so empty sleeve of dreams but this was in the Old The time now is captive bird is free do not fear anything, it suffered from the sense of injustice at all times. Fbspbhm were not rejoicing lasts only seconds, where they were putting poison and soon Andvon pots they have the skill falsified facts in minutes.

But to him that birds of prey you who have made yesterday's Lions will remain free as the bird will come a day is the religion and in the meantime will benefit contrition because what is lost Mkhabakm now will not get it even after years.
I hope that does not stay with a source of strife so you do not erupt a volcano curses.
Villa, O man, was born today, tomorrow Is included, see now how it wraps shrouded.
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Bird story for children
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