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 Tamer and the story of the snake

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Tamer and the story of the snake Empty
PostSubject: Tamer and the story of the snake   Tamer and the story of the snake I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 31, 2011 7:47 pm

The boy Tamer seen some of the boys, and one of them holding a cat by the neck to the suffocating, poor cry and cry. The child had a firm grip around the neck of the cat, and increases the pressure on her and sometimes he brought from the tail and swing it between his hands, and invokes the cat, and this was the child happy Aiqagah top of his voice what he does. The Tamer quiet does not want to do something harmful to his colleagues. Was a way of dealing with them morally, because he sees that the melee of no avail, and provides Tamer to the child .. and asked him to stop harm to the animal, and I understand that this cat's interest in the home, anywhere I found it .. it is the enemy of mice and insects, they do not make them spend their impact, and that it must be left to the human animal alone. they pets, and therefore Atdhar .. Then he said to him: What are the benefits of torture in this way? Is unable to resist, and the need to care, and the cat poor look at Tamer perhaps save it from the hand holding it, and here parchment child and thanked conspired on his advice good, and I admit that this is actually an animal does not matter, said Tamer: It does not know that his work this doggy, where he had not heard of one in the house or of his friends what he heard from Tamer, and returned Tamer to his home, and one day, before the home to sleep .. remember that he wants to drink from the refrigerator in the kitchen, walks to it, and after drinking saw the light dim on the outer door of the house, remember that his father would be delayed and that he should close the door, and provide conspired to close the door and suddenly!! Notice something in front of his eye, O God .. It is a snake .. and was long .. cried Tamer panic. and took Tamer yelling and trying to find him a way out of this impasse, but the road ahead is blocked, it is to Edery what to do .. and disrupted his breath, and almost passed out .. and while he is in dismay!! looked around, if the cat holds that snake between the teeth and has spent it, has been defined by Tamer that this is a cat who saved him one day that child, and filled his body, and become in good health, and considered the cat to the Tamer .. as if to say to him, and I want you to beautiful Aatamr: and returned Tamer after closing the door to his room thinking .. how to do good spared for the owner .. even carried out a lesson learned to good .. .. and decided that his life be a series of charity.
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Tamer and the story of the snake
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