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  Interpretation of the verses of Albaqara in the heart (204-225 - 283)

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 Interpretation of the verses of Albaqara in the heart (204-225 - 283) Empty
PostSubject: Interpretation of the verses of Albaqara in the heart (204-225 - 283)    Interpretation of the verses of Albaqara in the heart (204-225 - 283) I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 31, 2011 7:39 pm

The first verse: "Some people, like saying," said the shortened motivation to the world, in saying: "Some people say God give us in this world" and the faithful, who asked the good of the Hereafter mentioned the hypocrites, for they have shown faith and captured disbelief said Saddi and other commentators: I got in Alokhans bin Hariq, and named my father, and Alokhans title the title of it, because it withdraws the day of Badr Butlthma├║h a man of his allies from the brown flower of the fighting with the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him on what comes in ((Al-Imran)) statement, and was a man sweet words and looks, and he came then to the Prophet, peace be upon him fully demonstrating Islam and said: God knows that I am honest, then fled after that, passed by planting of some Muslim people and Bhmr and burn crops and own Rouge, said Mahdoi: and when I got "do not obey all Hallaf humiliating * Hmaz Mchae Bnmam "[N: 10.11] and" Will each connecting to Mazza "Hamza: 1], Ibn al-Attiya: What proved to never Alokhans safest, and Ibn Abbas said: I got in the nation of hypocrites spoke in those who were killed in the Battle of Alrgia: Asim bin Thabit, and Khubayb, and others, and said: Wind of these people, do not they sat in their homes, nor are they performed a message keeps company, then this verse of the attributes of the hypocrites, and then said Almschhdan in the Battle of Alrgia in saying: "There are some people who sells himself seeking the pleasure of Allah "[al-Baqarah: 207], and said Qatada and Mujahid, and a group of scientists: I got in all the padded disbelief or hypocrisy, or false or damaging, showing his tongue otherwise, they are public, similar to what reported in Tirmidhi that in some books of Allah says: "It Abed Allah folk tongues sweeter than honey and hearts, is patience, wearing people skins of sheep from the soft, buy world religion, God says: My father Igtron, Ali Ajtrion, FBI swore to Otahan them sedition let Halim, including animal," and the meaning of "The witness of God" which says: God knows that I say really, and read I Mahasn ((and see God in his heart)) uPVC Z and distraction in ((see)) ((Allah)) lifting, and meaning Bjpk saying: God, knowing that otherwise what he said: Dalila said: "Allah bears witness that the hypocrites are liars" Hypocrites: 1], and read Ibn Abbas ((And Allah bears witness to what is in his heart)), and read the group reported in the libel, because it forces the same commitment to speak well, and then emerged from the inwardly, etc., and read my father and the son of Massoud ((and cites God is in his heart)), an argument for reading the group.
The second said, our scientists: In this verse indicates the alert on the bench in matters of religion and the world, and emptied the conditions of the witnesses, judges, and that the ruling does not work on the visible conditions of people and it seems from their faith and their best interests, even looking for inwardly, because the God of the conditions of the people, and to whom shows the word beautiful is intended ugly.
If it is said: This is opposed by saying peace be upon him: "I have ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but God", talk, and saying: "I spend it as I hear" the answer is that this was in the beginning of Islam, where Islam safety, and Having with there is no corruption, was said by Ibn Arabi.
I said: It is true that the apparent work until it shows otherwise, because the Omar Bin Al Khattab may Allah be pleased with him in Saheeh Al-Bukhari: O people, that revelation has been interrupted, but Nakhzkm now what seemed to us from your work, it showed us good Omnah and Qrbnah, not to us his secrets thing , God call him to account in his secrets, and showed us worse Namenh did not believe him, but said that his secrets well.
The third meaning: "a bitter quarrel" Alold: great rivalry, a man's father, and a woman's disease, and they are the people of his child, has been identified - a broken signifier - give birth - conquest - to Dada, that I became bitter, and bore him - open signifier - his father's - annexation - If Jadlth Vglapth, and is derived from the Alold Alldeden, two Cefana manumission, ie by taking in any of rivalry Gelb, the poet said:
And worst of all, as if the anger is boiling cauldron of hostility in the chest
Another said:
The soil under the determination, firmness and a bitter _khasama Shutter
And ((quarrel)) in this verse is the source of at odds, he said Hebron, and said: gather discount said glass, dog, dogs, and difficult, difficulties, and a huge and Bruisers, meaning most Almkhasaman feud, which he is of indisputable, if Klmk and Rajek I saw his charm and invisible void, and this indicates that the controversy may not only including both visible and invisible, and in Saheeh Muslim, Aisha said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "The most hateful of men to God Alold discount."

The four issues:
The first verse: "is unintentional": source twitter Algo and canceled, and gi repealed twitter if you did what does not need him to speak, or what is not good, Abu including canceled sin, and in the hadeeth: "If you say to your companion, and the imam is delivering the khutbah on Friday listened it to Gott, "and the language of Abu Huraira," The Gate to, "said the poet:
Lord of the swarms of pilgrims held a Allga for obscenity and speak
Another said:
I do not Bmojuz Bulgo say if it does not Aakedat wills
II: The scholars differed on the right, which is nonsense, said Ibn Abbas: A man says in the drawer of his words and rush in Interviewing: No, God, yes God, inadvertently to the right, said Marwazi: unintentional oath by scientists as nonsense is the man who says: No, by Allaah and Yes, by God, in his talk and his non-belief of the right or Meredha, and narrated by Ibn Wahab from Yunus from Ibn Shihab that Erwa told him that Aisha, wife of the Prophet peace be upon him said: Iman idle it was in the mirrors and the humor and the shifted and talk that does not take place upon the heart, and in Al-Bukhari from Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her: Download the verse: "I do not call you is unintentional in your oaths," the man says: No, God, yes God, it was said that idle talk is to swear by it most likely, so otherwise, said Malik, narrated by Ibn al-Qasim with him, and this was the group of the salaf said Abu Huraira: If NATO man on the thing do not think it to him, if it is not, it is idle, and there is no expiation, and the like from Ibn Abbas, and Roy, "that some people have gone back to say when the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him They are throwing Bhoudrth, swore one of them I was and missed you so and so, if it otherwise, he said the man had gone back, O Messenger of Allah, The Prophet peace be upon him: Iman shooters idle not reneged on the no expiation, "In al-Muwatta 'Malik said, the best I have heard for this is that idle person swears the thing ascertain that as well then there is something different, there is no expiation for it, and who swears by the thing he knows he is a sinner liar to satisfy anyone, or apologize for the creature or deduct its money, this is too good to be the expiation, but Atonement on NATO not to do something is permissible for him to do and then do, or do and then does not do, such as the Alliance does not sell his garment for ten dirhams and then sell something like this, or alliance to stamp their servant, then do not beat him, and was narrated from Ibn Abbas that the Messenger of Allah him said: "There is no right in anger" Narrated by Muslim, Said bin Jabir: A forbidding, he says: Mali are haraam to do such and such, and I'm on the haram, and he said Makhool of Damascus, and the owner, too, but in the wife he committed the prohibition only must pay the oath in his heart, and was told is the right of the sin, said Saeed bin Musayyib, Abu Bakr ibn Abd al-Rahman and loop and Abdullah son of Zubair, like the divide to drink alcohol or to Iktan uterus Fberh left of that act is no expiation for it, their argument 'Amr bin Shuaib from his father from grandfather that the Prophet peace be upon him said: "NATO to the right and saw others with something better than Fletrkha the left expiation," narrated by Ibn Majah in his Sunan, and will come in ((table)) as well, and Zaid bin Aslam: unintentional oath prayer the man himself : blind is blind, I go God's wealth, is a Jew, is an idolater, is his evil that he does such, Mujahid, the two men Itbayaan One of them says: God does not sell you such and such, and the other says: God does not buy such and such, Nakha'i: is the man to swear not to do something then forget and do that, and Ibn Abbas, too, and Dahhaak: The unintentional oath is hated, that is, if disbelieved the right fell and became a Goa, not blaming God Petkverha and return to that which is better and told Ibn 'Abd al-Barr in words: that the blahs Iman impeller, Ibn Arabi: The right with no doubt forgotten to cancel, because it came on the contrary intention, it is pure nonsense.
I say: the right of the impeller Bmthabtha, will come the rule of NATO forced in ((the bees)), God Almighty, Ibn al-'Arabi said: As for those who say that the right of the sin false., Because the oath to leave sin, held his right of worship, and swearing an oath to do sin held his right hand sin , and said to him: do not do, Kafr, the oldest of the act has sinned he was willing dander in the oath, the one who said: It's prayer rights at the same that was as well as descend, then this is nonsense, in the way of penance, but in session in intent, harm, and may be punished by , because the Prophet peace be upon him said: "I do not claim any one of you on the same probably happened an hour does not ask God one for something but given to him," But the one who said that the right of the anger it return it Pact of the Prophet peace be upon him angrily not to carry Ashaari and get them and atoned for His right hand will come in ((patent)) Ibn al-'Arabi and the one who said: It is right that constitutes kufr is not related to his rumored, and his weakness Ibn 'Atiyah also said: You may raise the Almighty God culpability release in idle, Vhakiktha no sin and expiation, and culpability in the faith is Hereafter penalty for a false oath Almsabourh, and in which the left kaafir expiation and the minimum penalty to force the Atonement, and weak to say it right constitutes kufr, because culpability may have occurred, and the allocation of blame, as the only control in the Hereafter.
The third meaning: "in your oaths," Faith in the collection right, and right alliance, originally, that the Arabs were, if allied, or contracted to take the man the right of the owner in his right hand, then many so-called NATO and the Covenant itself right, and it was said right Fiel from Yemen, a pond called God do so because it preserves the rights, the right to remember and Tant, combining faith and Ayman, Zuhair said:
Ayman gathered us and you
IV: the verse: "But the intention in your hearts have earned," such as saying, "be pleased with you made the faith" [Table: 89], and there comes to speak when met, in sha Allah: He said Zaid bin name: the verse: "But call you including your hearts have earned, "the man says: The act is an idolater, or the chatter, but to hold his heart involvement and earnings, and" Forgiving Halim "qualities of A├║guetan the mention of putting culpability, as is attached to the door and expand.

Twenty-four of the issue:
First: Because Allaah mentioned scars to publicly and books of interest should save money and their bodies, after mentioning the case excuses anti-books, and make her mortgage, and the text of the conditions of an excuse to travel, which is often excuses, especially at the time of the large invasion, and enters the sense of each excuse. FRP can not time the writer in the urban Koqat people and works at night, and also fear the pending destruction of the opposing reason for requiring a mortgage.
"The subject of the Prophet peace be upon him his shield with a Jew asked him self Barley said, but wanted Muhammad to styling, Mali. The Prophet peace be upon him: a lie I am the Secretary in the land the Secretary in the sky, even if entrusted to me for I did go to Bdraei" died his shield was mortgaged blessings upon him, on the following statement above.
The second of the majority of scientists: a mortgage in the travel Pts download, and in urban fixed year the Prophet peace be upon him, and this is true. We have discussed the permissibility of the verse in the urban sense, since they may have excuses in the ban, was not narrated from a banned in urban areas only and Dahhaak and Mujahid David, clinging to the verse. Does not excuse them, because this talk came out even if the condition is meant by the director most cases. The fact that the mortgage is not in the verse in which travel is prohibited in others. In correct and others from Aisha:
"The Prophet peace be upon him food bought from a Jew and mortgaged in order to shield him from the iron." And directed by women from the hadeeth of Ibn 'Abbas said:
"He died the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him when his shield was mortgaged with thirty Jewish saa 'of barley for his family."
The third verse: "and did not find a writer," read the audience a sense of a writer writes. Read Ibn Abbas and Abu Mujahid and Dahhaak and Ikrimah and Abu high did not find a book. Abu Bakr said Anbari: interpreted by Mujahid said: this means you can not find the means to travel Madada. It was narrated from Ibn Abbas, a book. Copper said: This is an abnormal reading and public dispute, and rarely comes out about the reading public only fault in it, and the format of the speech writer, the Almighty God said this before: "But you write a notary" and the book requires a group. Ibn gift: a book improves in terms of coming down every writer, was told the group: did not find a book. Mahdoi and told my father about the high that he read books and the book collection in terms of Alnosal different. The father read the books, Ibn Abbas said copper and Mackie: A writer named interim collection and do. Mackie: The meaning Admt Aldoah and pen and paper. He denied the existence of the writer agreed not to any machine, and denied the book also requires the denial of the book, Valqratan Hassantan only a line of the Koran.
D: says: "Farhan received in" and read Abu Amr, and Ibn Kathir Harris mortgaged annexation ra and distraction, and Roy them reduce distraction. Tabari said: people who interpreted the annexation subject to distraction and collection ra bet, is collecting collection, narrated by the glass for the fur. Mahdoi said: Farhan starting and the news is omitted, and the meaning Farhan received in enough of that. Copper said: read the Asim bin Abi plateau Harris mortgaged housing distraction, and tells about the people of Mecca. The door in this bet, as they say: mule, mules and sheep and rams, and subject him to be collecting a bet, such as a book and books. It was said that the collection is held, such as roof and ceiling, shaving, shaving, brushes and brushes, and publication and dissemination, and likeness. Housing and mortgage distract him to be deleted for Vibrio weight. It was said that the collection is held, such as the share Hasher, any inaccurate, Hasher and arrows. And the first first, because the former is not qualified by an adjective and this adjective. Abu Ali, the Persian: and breaking mortgage on the lower number did not told him was, if was was measured Ofla dog and Okalp, as if they brush aside a little for a lot, and was fired by building a lot about building a little in saying: three Chassoa, was sacked by building a little about a lot in Racine and Ersan , Harris mortgaged to agree to a constructive and they did effectively. Alokhvh: a reaction to the ugly act of a few gay said: It may be subject to a crowd of a bet, if he combines a mortgage on a bet, then bet on the mortgage together, such as bed coverings.
Fifth: the meaning of the mortgage: retention of the right eye and close to met the right of the price or the price of benefits when you can not take it from the arch, so the scientists alone, which in the words of the Arab sense of permanence and continuity. The son of his master: and persists in any mortgage, and mortgage as long as the sense of the poet's words:
Bread and meat, they gambled and coffee Rawogaha Sakb
He said the essential: the mortgage subject to any thing as long. And Erhunt them food and drink Admth them, a food bet. And the present: the hard, and now: starveling of camels and people, he said:
Either you see my body may pledge during a joke, and the glory of men in the ghee
Ibn 'Atiyah said: It is said in the meaning of which is the mortgage document mortgage: Erhunt Arhana, some narrated. Abu Ali said: Erhunt in exaggeration, and in the loan and the sale Verhnt. Abu Zaid: Erhunt in Item Arhana: Galit out, a price rise in particular. Said:
Christmas bonus Erhunt the dinars.
Describes the camel: and the feast of the belly of skilled and unskilled Ebel described Balndjabh. Glass said: It is said in foreclosure: Erhunt and mortgaged, and he said I'm a Bedouin and Alokhvh. Abdullah Bin Hammam Alslouli:
When I survived and I was afraid Ozaverhm Erhunthm owner
Said Fox: narrators are all on the Erhunthm, that may Rhunth and Erhunth, but Asma'i it is narrated and Erhenhm, that the sympathy due to the future to do the past tense, and likened him by saying: you and Osk face, is the view of good, because waw F. case, pushed Osk off to do first Saka you on the meaning of his face, a resident they have any left, because it is not said: Erhunt thing, but said: Rhunth. She says, mortgaged my tongue such and such, can not be said in it: Erhunt. Ibn Alksi: Arhunt the words I said. The mortgagee who takes the mortgage. The thing is subject to, and depends, and the female hostage. So and so and bet on the bet as well. His map. And Erhunt him and I have Arhana: it informed them dangerous. And the hostage and one hostage, is all about substance. I gift: It is said no difference in the sale, loan: mortgaged subject, then this source thing called paid-up says: mortgaged subject, as mortgaged dress.
VI: Abu Ali: As the mortgage in the sense constancy, and then it is always a hero mortgage when scholars came out of the hands of the mortgagee to the current in any way, because it made the difference by choosing a mortgagee.
I said: This is adopted here in that the mortgage when he went back to being a hero by choosing the mortgagee foreclosure, Abu Hanifa said, but he said that he returned Avaria or deposit does not invalidate. Shafie said: The current re-entry into the hand of an absolute rule does not invalidate the arrest of the applicant, and our guide, "Farhan received in", when he came out of the hands of the clutch did not believe the word upon the language, not ratified by the ruling, and this is clear.
Seventh: If the word mortgage has possession of it really has not enjoined the rule, says: "Farhan received in". Shafie said: God did not make provision only proved described the arrest, if Admt capacity shall be executed sentence, and this is very apparent. Maliki said: You need the mortgage contract and being forced to pay the mortgage held by the mortgagee, says: "Let the contracts," and this decade, and his "Covenant" and this era. And peace be upon him saying:
"Believers when their terms" and this condition, we have Arresting requirement in the perfection of its usefulness. And with them, in a condition considered essential and health.
H: says: "received in" requires Baynunah mortgagee mortgage. And the whole people arrested on the health of the mortgagee, as well as capturing agent. They differed in the arrest Justice placed a mortgage on his hands, he said the owner and all his friends and the majority of scholars. Justice arrested arrested. And Ibn Abi Layla and Qatada, Governance and tender: not occur with the disappearance, and is not under arrest, unless when the mortgagee, and saw that adoration. The more correct view of the majority to the meaning, because if he becomes when under arrest has become the language of justice and truth, because the Justice Deputy for the right holder and the like agent, and this phenomenon.
IX: status quo, even at the hands of justice were not included wiping the mortgagee does not matter to his hand, because the mortgagee was not in his hand, nothing is guaranteed. And subject to his Secretary and the Secretary is guarantor.
XI: The mortgage is in the disclosure is permissible according to scientists, because unlike those under arrest to prevent this, two men and likeness of discourse to one religion over another religion which Verhnh it. Ibn Khuyz Mndad: each presentation may sell mortgage may, to this malady Josna depends on what is owed, because the sale is permissible, but it is money that is located close by to be subject to the opinion on this matter, compared to a good present. He said to prevent this: it does not come and arrest Akabbadah condition in unnecessary mortgage, because it must be met him at the right shop, and the interpolation of the Exchequer, not of the same can not be imagined in a religion.
XII: Bukhaari narrated that Abu Hurayrah said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him:
"Back-riding Bnafqath if the subject and milk drink Durr Bnafqath if the subject and on the ride and drink spending." Narrated by Abu Dawood and said instead of drinking in both instances: milking. His rhetoric: This talk is not in the same vague wording of the statement of riding and milking, is the current mortgagee or the matter to the Justice or his mortgage?
I said, indicating it has come in explaining the modern, and because of different scientists in this Daaraqutni narrated from Abu Huraira The Prophet peace be upon him said:
"For ordering the animal subject to the mortgagee Alvha Durr and milk to drink and the drink at his expense." Narrated by Ahmad bin Ali bin Ziad Alaa Ayoub told us told us Hushaym Zakaria told us about the popular Abu Hurayrah. Is the view of Ahmad and Ishaq: that the benefit of the mortgagee mortgage Balhalb and ride as much as alimony. Abu Thor: If the current spend on him not benefit by the mortgagee. But now we do not spend it and leave it in the hands of the mortgagee He spent it and then he boarded the use of slave. And he said Ouzai and Laith. The second hadeeth narrated by al-Daaraqutni also, in an article attributed the following statement from the hadeeth of Ibn Ismail Ibn Abi Ayyash wolf for syphilis for Maqbari from Abu Hurayrah said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him:
"Do not close the mortgage and the owner fined him and his sheep." This is the view and the popular El Shafei and Ibn Sirin, is the view of Malik and his companions. Shafie said: bet the benefit of the mortgage, and spend it, and the mortgagee does not benefit some of the mortgage during Alahvaz to the document. His rhetoric: the first words and Osahha, as evidenced by saying peace be upon him: "Do not close a mortgage from the owner who has mortgaged his sheep and fined him." His rhetoric: The phrase "the owner of any owner." And the Arabs put the subject of the lam, Kcolhm:
Security or not fully Dimna spoke
I said: I have stated clearly to the owner there is no need for interpretation. Tahawi said: That was the time when the usury permissible, and did not end the loan that brings benefits, not about taking something and that thing they were not equal, then the campus of Interest thereafter.
And Allaah knows best.

And Allaah knows best.
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Interpretation of the verses of Albaqara in the heart (204-225 - 283)
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