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 Benefits of the verses in the heart of Sura (204-225 - 283)

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Benefits of the verses in the heart of Sura (204-225 - 283) Empty
PostSubject: Benefits of the verses in the heart of Sura (204-225 - 283)   Benefits of the verses in the heart of Sura (204-225 - 283) I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 31, 2011 7:38 pm

1 - warning against being deceived by eloquence and a statement if a man is not from the people of faith and loyalty.
2 - the evil people from ruin in the land of committing crimes, causing havoc and holocaust for the people and livestock.
3 - say the man knows God, and God is witness the believer should beware is right to say that he knows of himself that he is a liar.
4 - unintentional oath forgiven her and her two images the first to hold his tongue the word right, he does not want to swear about not God, and wear and God, Tuck to swear on everything people think, well rooted, otherwise, like to say God is in my pocket AED or dinars, Zan, or it is not firmly in his pocket any of that, and then find this image of idle right.
5 - Almaakhz the right person is deliberately lying to swear his meaning in order to obtain the intended benefit of a worldly, saying the Almighty: {And be pleased with her hearts} and is called a false oath, and oaths.
6 - the right which expiation is required is that swear by the person to do such and can not not do or swear not to do well and then be forced and done, and Miql during the coalition, God willing, and penance are set out in the verse on the table which is to feed ten poor people, or clothe them or free a slave if he does not fast for three days.
7 - Statement of the rule of Alela is to swear the man that can not marry his wife for the less than four months, he may not break his vow and continue the Mmanaa for intercourse, that the term of the alliance but Alolvd to have sex and make atonement on his right, although the impact of four months it should Evye to his wife or release him though indignant is not satisfied
8 - It is permissible for a mortgage in urban travel and documentation from the creditor to his religion.
9 - may be left to take a mortgage solution that the security of repayment of the debt and not to fear it.
10 - the sanctity of secrecy and say give false testimony and that of the greatest sins, as in the right direction.
11 - Accounting slave including hides in the same doubt and polytheism and hypocrisy, and other no friends of God and love for his enemies, and held liable in this, and amnesty for concern with sin and guilt, without doubt and polytheism, love and hatred of the true believer of faith to talk to the right which was directed by six: ¬ęGod is beyond me my nation what happened as they do not speak or act
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Benefits of the verses in the heart of Sura (204-225 - 283)
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