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 Benefits of the verses of Surat Al-Imran 151-154-15 9

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Benefits of the verses of Surat Al-Imran 151-154-15 9 Empty
PostSubject: Benefits of the verses of Surat Al-Imran 151-154-15 9   Benefits of the verses of Surat Al-Imran 151-154-15 9 I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 27, 2011 8:44 pm

{} Verses of guidance:

1 - obedience to deprive the unbelievers in the event of choice.
2 - password in a statement to obey the unbelievers, a prohibition that entail apostasy, God forbid.
3 - Statement of the base of the request of the victory of God is submissive God.
4 - God promised to the faithful after delivering its victory terror in the hearts of their enemies, as are the Abu Svianbalaudh to the city after leaving another one to serve those who remained in the city of men Kmasult it himself, then delivered a God in his heart horror altered on the subject of masterminding Allehtaaly.
5 - the invalidity of each case unless the poster's argument is expressed in the verse Sultan Amahadjh prove them right, bestowed by which its owner.
6 - honoring God for His close friends, who sent down security in their hearts.
7 - insult God to his enemies by depriving them How precious they are close friends in one place.
8 - Report of the principle of fate and destiny, and that of the books in the place of his death must die in it.
9 - acts of God are not free from the rule of never high shall be recognized and Alarzabofalh Allaah in His creation.
10 - born of guilt of sin, and bad is generated by other bad Vlma is obliged to repent from Alznpfora.

11 - Kamal Allahalih Messenger of Allah peace and moral development.
12 - preferred companions, God bless them and dignity of the Lord Almighty.
13 - Report of the principle of consultation between the ruler and the influential people in the nation.
14 - preferred absolute determination to trust in God.
15 - Request victory is God's abandonment, and Mansour of the victory of God, and let it Allahaz Almkhdhul of the Almighty.
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Benefits of the verses of Surat Al-Imran 151-154-15 9
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