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 Interpretation of the verses of Al-omran heart 151-154-15 9

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Interpretation of the verses of Al-omran heart 151-154-15 9 Empty
PostSubject: Interpretation of the verses of Al-omran heart 151-154-15 9   Interpretation of the verses of Al-omran heart 151-154-15 9 I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2011 12:52 am

To Maamtthel faithful Lord did not obey the unbelievers and the promise of their Lord Almighty that he would receive Fiklob unbelievers terror, a fear and panic so that you can fight and overcome Alihozlk is a victory target of you, and explained the meaning to do so the unbelievers that they are grateful to Bhtaaly gods worshiped with him did not come down to her worship argument nor authority and the Almighty said: {we will take those who disbelieve, fear Fiklob including thankful to God what He has given no authority, and finally Moahmalinar Tae place of residence fire, insulting the Almighty said to stay in the fire and resting place of their abode Narobis oppressors, wants to fire an evil place of the wrong-doers who are polytheists.
Al-Qurtubi said his "and threw terror into their hearts." The meaning is: Snmlo the hearts of the polytheists in fear and panic.

He says (and then sent down to you after grief safe drowsy faint range of you and the range may Ohmthm themselves believe in God is the right thought ignorance they say Are we of the Order of thing say that it's all God hide in themselves do not seem to you to say if we had of it something Say what kill us here if you are in your homes emerged who wrote to them to bed murder and tests what God in your hearts and purify what Fiklubkm and God knows the breasts): 154 state
Abarallah Almighty for the fact that one should learn is that those who fled from the battle for Achtdalguetal and bone stress Cttiyan is caught in this slip which is their term for Alguetalbesbb some sins had, and so God forgive them and did not Aaakhzhm this slip, to Onallah Forgiving Halim Vlma gives Abdo until he repents, he should repent and forgive him if not for the first Halimalcan punished for sin and can not slip one of repentance and salvation. This is the meaning Colhtaaly: {The} of you who have taken any of the fighting, he met the upper hand on any Jmaalmamnin and collect one of the unbelievers. Astzelhm Satan but some of what they earned, and I did not Aaakhzhm Afaallah them that Allah is Forgiving, Halim.
Came in Tafseer al-Qurtubi "tests and what God in your hearts and purify your hearts, as in" fighting the imposition of God upon you and grant you victory on the war but not one for a test of your patience and to purify you your sins, repent, and that Okhalstm. . "God knows the breasts," which is where the good and evil. It was: with breasts are breasts; because of the same thing.

He says (the mercy of God is because of them gently if you're rude and harsh-hearted shake around you Vaaf them and ask forgiveness for them and Haoarham of it if I decided then put your trust in God that God loves those who trust in the verse Smile (159)
Ikhbertaaly what gave His Messenger, the perfect congenital, which is the strength of it he says: {is because of the mercy Manallah} any Fberhma of our Rahmnahm with them gently, {if you're rude! Any harsh Ajafajavia suffered heart thick {to shake around you 'ie, separated from you, and denied that .e.haldaran .
Based on this Vaaf for Msaihm, and ask forgiveness for Mznnbhm, and shower people with the opinion of them, and Amabda you view weighty interest Vaazm to implement, relying on the Lord, he loves those who trust, and trust courage to do what is God, or it authorized after bringing Alospappaldharoria him. Atonement and not as to the consequences, but the results is delegated to the Almighty.
The explanation in Asharq Alcrdobywalfez thick. The thickness of the heart is a scowl face, and lack of emotion in the raghaa'ib, and lack of compassion and mercy,
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Interpretation of the verses of Al-omran heart 151-154-15 9
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